Looking forward to star wars episode III?

I thought it was junk... Nothing beats the old ones. Nowadays they spend too much time on special effects and not enough on a decent story. My 2 cents
I just saw the movie and spotted a few cracks in the movie in the beginning. However, the last 45 minutes of the movie was outstandingly well done. There are some underdeveloped characters such as General Grevious. And there are some scenes where it was overcooked such as the Video Game Battle sequence in the beginning of the movie. Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5. Good movie.

The war in the prequel Star Wars movie mainly concentrated more on the Jedis vs. Sith perspective instead of gigantic Space battles, which I rather prefer. Star Wars is known to be a dazzling spectacle, but, in my opinion the Special Effects team have done too much and overpainted the blue screen. The background CGI work on the battles are too confusing and it's hard to see what's going on. I rather think the background CGI work needs more directness and focus rather than laser blasts and explosions popping everywhere on the screen pointlessly. I came out of the movie theatre with my head spinning.
According to a video game i once played, they say that jedi and sith are the ones who influence wars when involved.

I wish i saw more battles too by the way, but what can we do? :?
Cabal said:
There are some underdeveloped characters such as General Grevious.

Man, when I saw images of General Grevious I thought his battle scene was going to be insane. He got taken out way too easily.
how many decapitations were there in that movie? Dooku's hands, mace windus's hand, many lost heads of the clone troopers, and of course anakin agetting all the rest of his limbs chopped off. What is lucas's obsession with decapitation?

I liked the movie just not the parts where anakin acts bad, honestly, how hard is it to play a future darth vader?
so you didn't like much of the movie then?
the whole point was his final transition from good to bad and the blurred line in between. naturally as the transformation is complete he is going to act like a mean SOB
that said, it could have been a lot worse, at least Lucas doens't do the blood thing, which would make it a lot more graphic
in Austin, some woman dressed up as chewbacca, and then passed out because it was so hot in that (it was also 95 degrees out)

this one was my fave