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Plz list all of the military movies you can think of because then I can figure out which ones i havent seen yet...

-Black Hawk Down
-Saving Private Ryan
-Enemy at the Gates
-We were soldiers
-Band of Brothers
-saints and soldiers
-Kingdom of heaven
-Tears of the Sun
-Thin red line

thats all i can think of right now but anyone else know of any more military movies..... It could be about anytime wwII, WWI, Vietnam war, etc
thk you
Band of Brothers
The Guns of Navarone
Hart's War
Destination Tokyo
The Enemy Below
Das Boot
30 Seconds over Tokyo
Memphis Belle
Operation Pacific
Bridge at Remagen
The Last U-Boat
Cross of Iron
A Walk in the Sun
Castle Keep
No Man is an Island
American Guerilla in the Philippines
A Yank in the R.A.F.
Above us the Waves
Battle Cry
Corvette K-225
They Were Expendable
Der Untergang
The Devil's Brigade
633 Squadron
We Dive at Dawn
Raid on Rommel
Mosquito Squadron
In Enemy Hands
Hell in the Pacifc
The Cruel Sea
The Bridge
Mister Roberts
The Tuskegee Airmen
The Victors
Air Force
The Fighting Sullivans
The Sea Chase
Flying Leathernecks
Sink the Bismarck
The One that Got Away
The Train
Five Graves to Cairo
Gung Ho
Go For Broke
The Immortal Battalion
Prisoners of the Sun
Mission of the Shark
Ike: Countdown to D-Day
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
Battle at Bloody Beach
Silent Night
Halls of Montezuma
The Desert Rats
The Dam Busters
The Big Red One
The Dirty Dozen
Force 10 from Navarone
To End All Wars
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel
Sands of Iwo Jima
Where Eagles Dare
Two Men Went to War
King Rat
Flying Tigers
The Fighting Seabees
A Midnight Clear
In Harm's Way
Run Silent, Run Deep
To Hell and Back
Guadalcanal Diary
Back to Bataan
Stalag 17
Tora! Tora! Tora!
12 O'Clock High
Objective Burma
Battle of Britain
Wake Island
Von Ryan's Express
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Hell is for Heroes
Th McKenzie Break
Kelly's Heroes
The Eagle Has Landed
Enemy at the Gates
The Battle of the Bulge
A Bridge Too Far
The Great Escape
The Longest Day
When Trumpets Fade

That's all the WWII movies I can think of at the moment.
The Red Beret
The Paratrooper
Theirs Was The Glory
Two Thousand Women
One Of Our Bombers Is Missing
F for Freddie
Appointment London
The Malta Story
San Demetrio London
Cockleshell Heroes
Operation Crossbow
A Town Like Alice
Stalingrad, Das Boot are good WWII movies
Taegukgi: Band of Brothers or in Korean 태극기를 휘날리며 is one of the best military movies ever, although there is a bit overacting
Who was it...Alec Guiness(?) appeared in 200 movies, most of them military ones. Looks like this could be a really long list.

Wind Talkers

I mentioned that great movie in another thread. Wasn't it great?! True! What a damn good idea too! They could a used Lakota Sioux, any great tribe. The Japanese never would have known!
So raw. Still have pictures of certain scenes in my head. Sure you do too. Wish I could throw out a curse word! Damn! Anyway, thanks for mentioning "Wind Talkers".

Bridge Over the River Kwai!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yes, you did mention The Dirty Dozen!!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!!
Oh yeah!!! The one , shoot, what's the name, Donald Sutherland, they are searching for the gold at bottom of the lake(I think)Nazi gold. A bunch of "old" stars in it.....good flick....Anybody?
Second Half

Here's the first half of my list of movies and television programs, and series that only involve the European Theater in WWII:

13 Rue Madeleine 1947
36 Hours 1965
49th Parallel 1941
5 per l'inferno (5 for Hell) 1969
5th Day of Peace 1972
633 Squadron 1964
A Bridge Too Far 1977
A Guy Named Joe 1943
A Man Escaped 1957
A Midnight Clear 1992
A Night in Casablanca 1946
A Soldier's Story 1984
A Soldier's Tale 1988
A Walk in the Sun 1945
A Yank in Libya 1942
A Yank in the RAF 1941
Above Suspicion 1943
Above Us the Waves 1955
Action in Arabia 1944
Action in the North Atlantic 1943
Adventures of Tartu, the (a.k.a. Sabotage Agent) 1943
Adventures of the Flying Cadets 1943
Affair, the 1995
Aimée & Jaguar 2000
Air Raid Wardens 1943
Alarium 2003
All the Queen's Men 2001
All This and World War II 1976
All Through the Night 1942
'Allo 'Allo! 1984
American Pastime 2007
Americanization of Emily, the 1964
An Incident Near Falaise 1997
Anzio 1968
Arch of Triumph 1948
Arch of Triumph 1985
Armored Command 1961
Attack on the Iron Coast 1968
Attack! 1956
Au Revoir, Les Enfants 1987
Aufenthalt, Der (Turning Point, The) 1983
Aventure Malgache 1944
Background to Danger 1943
Ballada O Soldate (Ballad of a Soldier) 1959
Band of Brothers 2001
Banjica 1984
Battaglia di El Alamein, La (Battle of El Alamein)1969
Battaglia d'Inghilterra, La (Eagles Over London) 1970
Battle of Britain, the 1969
Battle of Neretva 1971
Battle of the Bulge 1965
Battle of the Commandos 1971
Battle of the River Plate 1956
Battlefield 1984
Battleground 1949
Beauty in Chaos 2004
Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971
Behind Enemy Lines 1985
Below 2002
Benito Mussolini 1962
Betrayed 1954
Big Noise 1944
Big Red One, the 1980
Biloxi Blues 1988
Birdmen, the 1971
Bitter Victory 1958
Black Brigade 1970
Blue Light 1966
Bon Voyage 1944
Bon Voyage 2003
Boot, Das (The Boat) 1981
Boy From Stalingrad, the 1943
Bread and Roses 1994
Breaking Point 1989
Breaking the Code 1996
Breakthrough 1950
Bridge at Remagen, the 1969
Bright Victory 1951
Brucke, Die (Bridge, The) 1959
Bunker, the 1981
Bunker, the 2001
Caporal Épinglé, Le (Elusive Corporal, The) 1962
Captain America 1966
Captain America 1979
Captain America 1990
Captain America: the Fist Avenger 2011
Captain Carey, U.S.A. 1950
Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
Captain Newman, MD 1963
Captains of the Clouds 1942
Captive Heart, the 1946
Caro Dolce Amore (Honey Sweet Love) 1994
Carve Her Name With Pride 1958
Casablanca 1942
Casablanca Express 1988
Castle Keep 1969
Catch-22 1970
Charlotte Gray 2001
Cinque Per L'inferno (Five for Hell) 1969
Ciociara, La 1960
Cloak and Dagger 1946
Cockleshell Heroes, the 1955
Colditz 1972-74
Colditz 2005
Colditz Story, the 1955
Comando Al Infierno (Hell Commandos) 1969
Combat America 1943
Combat Jump 2003
Combat Sergeant 1956
Command Decision 1948
Commando Suicida (Suicide Commandos) 1968
Commandos 1968
Commandos Strike at Dawn 1942
Confessions of a Nazi Spy 1939
Conspiracy of Hearts 1960
Contraband 1940
Contro 4 Bandiere (From Hell to Victory) 1979
Convoy 1940
Convoy 1965
Counterfeit Traitor, the 1962
Court Martial 1964
Cover Girl 1944
Cowboy Commandos 1943
Crash Dive 1943
Crooked Web, the 1955
Cross of Iron 1977
Cruel Sea, the 1953
Cry Havoc 1999
Da Dunkerque alla Vittoria (From Hell to Victory) 1979
Dad's Army 1971
Dalle Ardenne all'Inferno (Dirty Heroes) 1967
Dam Busters, the 1954
Darby's Rangers 1958
Dark Blue World 2001
Daybreak Berlin 2001
Days of Glory 1944
Days of Glory 2006
D-Day: the Sixth of June 1956
De Tweeling (Twin Sisters) 2002
Death Race 1973
Decision before Dawn 1951
Decoration Day 1990
Desert Commandos 1967
Desert Fox, the 1951
Desert Rats, the 1953
Desperate Journey 1942
Destiny of a Man 1959
Devil's Brigade, the 1968
Die Letzte Chance (Last Chance, The) 1945
Dieppe 1993
Dirty Dozen, the 1967
Dirty Dozen, The: the Deadly Mission 1987
Dirty Dozen, The: the Fatal Mission 1988
Dirty Dozen, The: the Next Mission 1985
Dito Nella Piaga, Il (Salt in the Wound, the Liberators, the Dirty Two) 1969
Djavolji Raj (That Summer of White Roses) 1989
Doctor Bethune 1939
Don't Take It to Heart 1944
Down Among the Sheltering Palms 1953
Downfall 2004
Dresden 2006
Dunkirk: the Soldiers' Story 2004
Eagle Has Landed, the 1976
Edge of Darkness 1943
Eggs 1995
Eighteen 2005
El Alamein 2002
Elephant Walk 1954
Empty 2001
Enemy at the Gates 2001
Enemy Below, the 1957
Enemy Next Door, the 1994
English Patient, the 1996
Enigma 2001
Eroi All'inferno (Heroes in Hell) 1973
Eroica 1966
Europa Europa 1990
Everyman's War
Eye of the Needle 1981
Face of the Enemy 2003
Fallen, the 2004
Fatherland 1994
Fedora 1942
Few, the 2008
Fight for the Sky, the 1945
Fighter Attack 1953
Fighting Rats of Tobruk, the 1944
Five Graves to Cairo 1943
Flying Circus 1968
Fooling Hitler 2004
For the Moment 2003
For Those in Peril 1944
Force 10 From Navarone 1978
Force of Arms 1951
Foreign Correspondent 1940
Foreign Field, A 1993
Foreman Went to France, the 1942
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1962
Foyle's War 2003
Frieda 1947
Friend Or Foe 1981
Gallant Hours, the 1960
Garden of the Finzi-Continis, the 1970
Germania Anno Zero (Germany, Year Zero) 1948
Gift Horse 1952
Gleiwitz Case 1961
Go for Broke! 1951
Golden Earrings 1947
Good Shepherd, the 2006
Grande Speranza, La
(Submarine Attack) 1954
Great Escape, the 1963
Guerrilla Girl 1953
Guns of Navarone, the 1961
Hangmen Also Die 1943
Hanover Street 1979
Hart's War 2002
Heartbeat 1992
Hell Is for Heroes 1962
Her Sister's Secret 1946
Heroes of Telemark, the 1965
Hill, the 1965
Hitler – Beast of Berlin 1939
Hitler, Dead or Alive 1942
Hitler's Children 1943
Hitler's Madman 1943
Hitler's SS: Portrait in Evil 1985
Hogan's Heroes 1965-1971
Hope and Glory 1987
Hornet's Nest 1970
Host 2002
Hotel Berlin 1945
House of the Generals 2000
House on 92nd Street, the 1945
How I Won the War 1967
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