Links and recommended reading on WW1 & WW2


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A thread to store useful resources.

I have started by adding both the link to the website and a link to the thread that it was used in to provide some context and an opportunity for further discussion.
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US Marine Corps battles in the Pacific

Iwo Jima: [ame=""]THE BATTLE OF IWO JIMA! - WWII Original U.S Government Military Documentary - 1945 - YouTube[/ame]
Saipan: [ame=""]Marianas Operation: Saipan - YouTube[/ame]
Tarawa: [ame=""]WITH THE MARINES AT TARAWA | WW2 Documentary - YouTube[/ame]
The German 9th Army during the closing months of the war. Provides a very good feel for the end in Germany
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Unpublished German photographs of the war in Russia "Horror of War", graphic. The video show the horrors of histories worst catastrophe. One item that surprised me was the numerous photos taken by the Germans of Soviet villagers they massacred.
Russian general Zhukov was quoted as saying the land between Moscow and Berlin was a wasteland.


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For those with an intereat in German WW2 AFV

Short film on Nazi Racism

I think Monty posted this one somewhere on this forum. It is a pretty interesting lecture.

Really its a useful resource thread. I checked it. I checked the video of Russia war.
I feel very bad while seeing these videos. yes the video show the horrors of histories worst catastrophe.
There is a lot of information out there and the more we can find and add to the thread the more useful it will be.