Kids with guns!!


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Should kids(14-17)own any weapon due the Columbine incident 1999,rhere are many reasons to belive they shouldnt.Whats your opinon??? :?
Its a right to own a gun as a american. Also on a second thing I believe saying 14 years old should be allowed to own guns is alittle bit of a strech. They if they are mature enough to have a gun then sure but if they aren't then i believe the parents should have the right to take it away from him. Along with that they should have to take the hunters safety course in order to own a gun at that age. I my self took hunter safety at thirteen and i own my guns. A Hunting rifle along with a reproduction 1861 springfeild civil war gun. so i think that any thing at like 15, 14 at the youngest if hes or shes mature enough can own a gun if they take hunters saftey
Kids shouldn't be able to own guns, adults 18 and older should. Of course a father may let his 14 year old use the gun for hunting and recreation, as mine did.
I was so pissed because i went into a Big % Sporting Goods store and the wouldn't even let me buy one of them airsoft pistols because i was not 18. I mean what is that. i can enlist in the military but cannot buy a plastic pellet gun. What kind of country am i living in?
I got my first shotgun when I was 6 years old, and had 5 long guns by the time I turned 18, and so far I haven't killed nobody. ;)

Problem is, there seem to be a lot of parents who don't mind buying a weapon for their kid, but can't be bothered to teach them proper firearm safety or responsibility. Unfortunately, you can't legislate parental ability. :lol:
I owned my first weapon, a 20 gauge break action shotgun when I was 14. I think under proper supervision, it is a GREAT experience. I took the hunter's safety course and all that good stuff, now all the safety stuff is all second nature to me.
Kids having access to guns is what caused Columbine.

But, there was a school shooting in VA i bleieve that was ended before anyone was killed because some students ran out to their cars and got their guns and subdued the shooters.

Quit complaining about all of that "I can join the military but I can't do....."
Yeah, good for you, you are 17. Thats just life. I joined a MONTH after I turned seventeen, and graduated from basic at 17 and a half. I will be at three years this December, and I still can't buy beer or a handgun. It doesn't friggin' matter. F.I.D.O.
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold bought the firearms they used during the Columbine shooting at Tanner's Gun Show. They bought them from private dealers on the spot with cash, there was no paperwork. They were not allowed to purchase the firearms, being 17, without the presence of an adullt. They came back with an adult and purchased the firearms. This was in Colorado. The organizer of the gun show took no responsibilty for the incident. He released this statment.

''Guns are not to blame and the ready availability of them is not to blame,'' said Tanner, 72. He said he couldn't explain the violence at Columbine. ''It's in the minds of the children,'' he said. ''I'm not a psychologist.'' He canceled one show that was to be held the weekend after the shooting, but said he'll continue his monthly shows. ''We'll do gun shows as long as we can do gun shows.''


Adendum: Robyn Anderson was a close personal friend of Dylan Klebold, and was only 18.

Adendum II: I did some more research on it. Robyn Anderson was a high school friend, and she was not needed to purchase the firearms as they were from a private dealer. She can hardly be blamed anyways, as she was just a high school friend, only technically an adult.

It is my opinion children should be able to own firearms. Parental consent should be required. The problem lies with the upbringing of children, which is a result of the decline of civilization.
Allowing children to purchase guns is more trouble than its worth. The US has enough gun control problems as it is. Recently in the LA, a highway patrol man was shot to death by a punk teenage ganster. The problem would multiply with legalizing guns to kids. The 10% ruin the chances for the other 90%.

IT IS AN EXTREMELY BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!Even though i would like it to happen :( .
If I am thinking of the same incident, that was an illegal immigrant who almost certainly obtained his firearm on the black market. Gang members and such will always be able to obtain firearms.
Yes, but should we make it any easier for them? Some kids won't realize the full potential of the lethal weapon and accidently shoot someone. We dont need more violence, we need peace. More guns will have the opposite effect.
I guess I should have been more clear. I don't think kids under the age of 18 should be able to buy any weapons. Under parental consent, where the parent goes and buys the weapon FOR the child, yes. That's how my dad got me my first.
Now I have a 30-30, a 12 gauge shotgun, gettin a CAR-15 this September, and possibly a .308 before deer season starts.
Like I said, it can be a very good experience, under the proper supervision.
POOF*. The only reason that a lot of kids want to do something, i.e. buy a gun, is because they can't. The forbidden fruit is always more tempting. Just wait a few years then you will be able to buy a guy. I am almost 20 years old. I have NEVER owned a gun. The only gun we had in the house was a .357 that my dad had from his dad, I didn't even know we had the bastard until I was 16. I still haven't fired it. The first weapon that was "mine" was my M16A4 at basic. Then I had my M16A4/M203 when I got to my unit. These weapons were assigned to me but the weren't really mine. It is really not that big of a deal. Yeah, I will prob. buy a gun when I turn 21 but I am not in any hurry.

My experience from basic, with the guys coming in who grew up around firearms were WORSE off than the guys who hadn't. The guys who grew up with them acted like they knew what the POOF* was going on, when in all actuality they didn't have a damn clue about military weapons or how to properly handle them. POOF*

Because you can buy a gun doesn't mean that you are gonna save the world. I applaude the sporting goods store for not allowing a minor to purchase something like an airsoft gun. Don't buy one of those pieces of garbage anyway. Its just for wannabes so they can go out into the woods and play soldier.

Control your langauge, dont tell other members what to do please, try not to do back to back posting. And tone down the attitude 2
butt in canada there is much more firearms than in USA and the killing ratio is about 63 victims a year,how do you feel abou this is it the TV or music that we listen(you)or what??? :?