Khmer Rouge Interrogator has no regrets

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Basically blaming everyone else for all the troubles Cambodia went through and claiming that all those people the Khamer Rouge killed were criminals. Well they killed off about 1/3rd of the country's population depending on who's numbers you believe...
There is no death sentence so this guy, who is on trial, will at best serve only life in prison.

From the article:
"My only regret was our country was invaded," he told the joint Cambodian-U.N. tribunal. "Frankly speaking, the Americans invaded us then Vietnam invaded us. That is my regret."

Does this guy think that this is even an explanation?
Funny thing is, I had some kind of "hug the world" sort of teacher say the same thing. The B-52 bombings made people go crazy and then a revolution started. What a crock of sh*t.
Frakking communist should be tortured and skinned alive.....

Rip out his finger nails, grind his toes into little bits of meat and feed it to him, stab his calves with rusty hot needles, tie him to a car battery, cut off his nose with a butcher's meat slicer, have him be raped by a large ape, etc....

Death is to good for that SOB.... so is life in prison. Make him wish for death everyday of his life and don't grant it to him.
There were some folks who had that in mind.
And they did a great job of destroying America's moral legitimacy.

Animals that threaten society and abuse the people deserve neither life nor death.... If I was a soldier that liberated camps in Europe I wouldn't have captured the Schutzstaffel Totenkopfverbände.... I would have gutted the bastards.

There are some people that aren't human. Child Molesters, Rapists, Torturers, and those that believe in ethnic cleansing. They belong in a special level of hell.....
I don't disagree with you at all but if we do it, everyone thinks that we are the criminals.
It's not really true but that's the way they see it.
Since when has doing bad things to bad people (and only bad people) been a bad thing?
But we can ask and complain all day, it won't change the way the world reacts to it. They will turn their backs on us and start siding with the bad guys who do it on a regular basis. Then we have to fight the whole damned world.
Just either don't give them a chance to surrender or arrest them, then let them loose, and go after them again. Helps keep some of us employed anyway.