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Hi everyone. i ship out on June 16th 2004 to Ft.Sill oklahoma. My MOS is 13F Fire Support Specialist. Who else here has this MOS? any special pointers for me? what am i in for? how is this MOS? Please respond.... Thanx. GreggK
eww....Ft. Sill..

best advice for basic: Shut up, stand up straight, don't talk unless spoken to, do as you're told, and do not stick out.
my father told me the same thing (he was a marine during 'nam) but he knows nothing about sill. why did you say ewww? is it a rathole or something?
Not any more than any other military installation that isn't Navy or Air Force, especially Navy, due to the nature of the beast they usually have to be on the ocean and near heavily populated areas, while the Army and Marines get huge areas of crap country. :lol:
I'm sure you can get more helpfull information from one of our many American redlegs than you can from a couple of cadidiots though. :lol:
LMAO cadidiot? thats a new one to me! ok so it just like any other crappy base. ok... just wanted tomake sure it wasnt a total rathole..
Fort its not exactly the garden spot of oklahoma...but its not bad either.

Fort Sill is near the town of Lawton Oklahoma. Its about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City Ok. The town is very well fixed for most stores and items you'd expect from a town with a population of around 50,000.

heres the link to Fort Sill:

The top thing I would reccomend: Sun screen, and a good pair of legal sun glasses, if you are allowed to have them. The area you are going to has more sunlight that you can possibly imagine.

PM me if you need more information. Good luck with your assignment :D
As far as your MOS, I would say you can expect to mostly do artillery/mortar calls for fire as well as some recon.

There is a difference between Ranger FISTers and big Army FISTers, so my perspective is a bit limited in providing any more information than what I wrote above.
GreggK said:
i am sorry... i am confused... can you explain to me what you said?

What are you confused about? If you are a bit more specific, it would be helpful in explaining.
RnderSafe said:
There is a difference between Ranger FISTers and big Army FISTers, so my perspective is a bit limited in providing any more information than what I wrote above.

thisis what iam confused about... what does this mean?
I think Gregg might not know that FIST is a term for fire support team. Ranger and even us non-ranger light infantry types generally have mortars (60mm,81mm, and sometimes 4.2inch)as our organic indirect fire weapons. On the other end of the spectrum are the various larger weapons of the artillery. I have done lots of work with mortars, including FO (Forward Observer). He's the guy registering targets, observing the enemy, and calling for fire missions based on the enemy's proximity to those registration points. This is pretty much what you'll be training to do for the artillery. FIST teams often control all the indirect fire and will request a particular weapon based on the target. For example, you'll learn that it will do little real good for you to call in mortars onto enemy armor, it just ticks them off. You'll also be on a first name basis with your FDC (fire direction center) as these are the guys you'll be in constant communication with and they will translate your panicked blabbering into something the gun crews(a strange breed of people) can actually understand.
DTop thanks for the clarification.. that is exactly what i was confused about. so basically enemy tanks+motars= them being kinda pissie..... send in real loads and give them a whole lotta bad juju......
Yep, the best result you could hope for from mortars against armor is to get the armor to button up their hatches and let the TOWs or other anti-armor take them on. Of course if you have some artillery with Armor Piercing ammunition, that would be the way to put steel on that target. BTW, "Steel On Target" is a phrase you should hear often in your training so get used to it ;)
I was at Fort Sill for two days. In those two days, one was over 100° and the other was a heavy rain and lightning storm. I couldn't imagine being there 9 weeks. :p

Just cause I know you want to here my two cents.
Gregg check out There's a story about SSG Jarvis Bass from my old outfit. He is a 13F (Forwrd Observer) on the FIST team and was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I think you'll find it interesting reading.
Ft. Sill....Beauty or Beast

GreggK. I don't know where you're from, but I'm from Oklahoma and all I ask is don't judge the rest of the state by Ft. Sill. Don't get me wrong, you will get excellent training there. My son took basic and MOS training there, but Ft Sill is not the prettiest part of Okla. and it's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The wind blows all the time. Your time will go fast though.
Okay well I as well ave a ship date for Aug 25th and have a question about 13F. I wanted a cool scouting job where ill see guns and war. Also fighting and nightvision without seeing the enemy too much like infantry. I was told Calvery Scout. I walk into MEPS and tey said oh go 13F casue its the same thing...........Then I heard its all a desk job this 13F. Can someone clear this up im in a panic attack and if i NEED to change my job since i want action not computer work. I need to know now so I can change my job.
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