Japan is planing to develop new fighter.


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News about defense.
To coverage of JAL newspaper and recently, Hayashi Fujio lieutenant general of the Defense Agency technical research head office technical development authorities (airplane charge) told the current state of the research and development related to a technology trend of a fighter and a fighter in a work book in the future.
The stealth which is a fuselage in that case after making introductory remarks when the principle of " First Look, First Shoot, First Kill " was also invariable in the future about the aspect of the air-to-air battle of a fighter first, it was stated that improvement was the element which holds the key of the battle.
When RCS is decreased in 1/10, for example this can cut the radar contact distance of the partner by half because decrease of the radar reflection area by the stealth of a self-machine (RCS) is the most effective means to the radio lead system airtoair missile which shoots and lets go and is a way from the other opposite party present.
On the other hand, I say even if more that's made 1/100, the detection distance is 1/3, and that the difference in the stealth and non-stealth is very greater than the degree of the stealth.
It's said that the high mobility (PSM:post Stall Maneuver) is also indispensable about a component of a fuselage besides this stealth.
This biggest necessity is because it's desired to control a fuselage to the stall territory to evade this by the fight competition as well as bring it into the aggressive condition ideal for a point than the other party after the mobility of the infrared lead system airtoair missile of the short carry like AAM-5 of our country (04 system air-to-air guided missile,GM) and the American AIM-9X improved big.
The radar loaded into a nose of a plane is charged with the role of a main sensor for the time being about avionics of the fighter which influences a future air-to-air battle besides the fuselage, but the land-cover is limited to the front.
Search of the circumference, detection and precaution are ideal to find it before a partner, and the condition formal radar with which 360 deg can be covered along outskirts of a fuselage will be purchased.
As a electronic war measure and IRST which is a passive sensor (infrared detection tracker) and the data link function which leads to improvement of situation cognition ability are also indispensable.
We assumed from the point of view with which it can be covered outside the land-cover of a radar, and that IRST was effective with HMD (helmet MAUNTEDDO display) on the utilization of a equipped weapon like AAM-5.
On the other hand our country is possessing AAM-4 (99 system air-to-air guided missile,GM) and AAM-5 by which the world takes pride in its eminent performance at present about a equipped weapon, and a study of performance improvement will be also advanced from now on.
Though on the other hand, that stealth of a fuselage is considered, and there is also a possibility that the way to store airtoair missile in the fuselage becomes strong, and I maintain the performance of the current state at present, it's thought that miniature is developed.
Thus stealth will follow first in the present about a fighter in the future, and high mobility is becoming important.
You assume that a condition formal radar is indispensable in a face of avionics.
But for it's unknown territory about the effect on the actual practical use of the fuselage which brought these components in, and ascertaining its effect as well as technical formation of a fuselage, and the necessity by which flight proof by a production is " advanced technology proof machine " because need becomes indispensable, surfaces.
It'll be assumed that an experimental production of the said machine is considered by defense build-up plan (2010-fiscal year 2014) next middle term by the present schedule.
On the other hand, the study of " high movement flight C-system " which is precedent to this and is elemental technology is advancing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from fiscal year 2000 as a center contract company.
A study of " high movement flight C-system " had stealth and compatibility of high mobility in mind, and was advanced every composition part of a fuselage, and then (its 1) of the said study installed a paddle necessary to thrust vectoring of an engine in the engine, tested and collected data.
The said, (its 2) and, the said, then (its 3) designed the intake by which an engine doesn't cause a surge in high angle of attack and the time of high speed and tested, considering stealth.
Then the said study (its 4) manufactured an actual big model of a fuselage as well as this was carried to a research institute in French equipped agency (DGA) and stealth was tested from the end of September of last year to the first ten days November as a part of a related test of a company side.
To control PSM from now on, the rig test which imitated paddle control on the ground is put into effect.
The said, then 1/5 of a production manufactures the model by which an actual flight of length 3m x width 2m and weight 50 kilogram is quite possible from fiscal year 2004 to fiscal year 2006, and (its 5) uses to do a test in the place forcusing on the aerodynamic characteristic in fiscal year 19.
And the said, (its 6), the stealth by which well is an engine front from fiscal year 17 to fiscal year 19, a radar blocker indispensable to maintenance is made and RCS is measured.
All the said studies end in 20 end of the fiscal year.
Additionally about 600,000,000 yen are appropriated as " study of a smart skin structure " by the budget in fiscal year 2006 about the said chance, and the study which works on the fuselage structure also puts a condition formal radar into effect concurrently.
An advanced technology proof machine will be the small plane which doesn't see the kind in the world by which an integration did stealth, high mobility and avionics in this way.
Further, a technical research head office accepts an order of Japan Self-Defense Forces, and it's duty to develop and offer accessories in the world point.
When it was desired on the duty on a work book to ascertain the effect on the practical use using the said chance for it and make development risk of future fighter technology decrease beforehand, he accentuated.
Looks like they're designing a stealthy air superiority fighter. They could just try to buy the F-22, but I guess this is a matter of national pride too.
chronoserpent said:
Looks like they're designing a stealthy air superiority fighter. They could just try to buy the F-22, but I guess this is a matter of national pride too.
I think US will not sell F-22 to Japan.
Whens the last time the Japanese built a home-grown fighter I want to say ww2 but i really dont know.
Sandy, the US shares/sells significant technology with our Japanese allies. I believe you were the second in line to receive the F15 and now license build your own. And have used the technology to design and build your own trainer/strike aircraft. If Japan decides to step away from the F22 or JTF, the decision is economic not political or military.
chronoserpent said:
Looks like they're designing a stealthy air superiority fighter. They could just try to buy the F-22, but I guess this is a matter of national pride too.

I would see no problem selling Raptors to both Australia or Japan. Both should be armed to the Teeth with China and North Korea acting the way they are now:biggun:
sandy said:
I think US will not sell F-22 to Japan.

And I hope you are wrong because Japan is a VERY close allie of the US right next to Britain and France. With the troubles in Asia right now, I'd say that Japan had better start either buying F-22s or JSFs or developing their own superiority fighter like NOW.

Oh man, can you imagine what kind of fighter Japan would develop?!! Just look at their expertise in the field of robotics!! Can you say stealth jet Transformers? :p


Japan's next Fighter Aircraft.
Are the japanese so immersed in anime that even their engineers will make jets that look like they came out of robotech and the like? Hell yeah!

The CGI art is ignoring functionality. No way this design is going to fly or be approved by any State in the world.

Please be well aware that "Stravatti" Defense Industry is a hoax. This company has no credibility, capacity, resources, infastructure, or the technical know-hows to build a single aircraft proto-type or to compete professionally with corporate giants who manufacture 4th Generation fighters and building 5th Generation proto-types.

The site does use existing and realistic components (Radar, Targeting Systems, Engine, NAV, COM), but are completely incompatible with the design. This means that this aircraft is by no means stealthy and will surely emit massive electronic signatures.

This toy ain't gonna fly either. The so-called "F-26S" is aerodynamicaly ridiculous. Pure science fiction. If you actually believe such an aircraft is approved for proto-type development and government funded, you've been defying the natural laws of science.

The Japanese did not design this. The Japanese Aviation Industry will design something more convetional and realistic.
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We knew it was a lie, but you've just broken our hearts. It would be nice to see a jet that looks good and is designed by somebody else besides the USA. I guess i was asking for too much.

Play it again sam.
I don't know, if they will sell some to Australia htey might to Japan too.

Well since we aren't buying F22's then I don't think it's an issue. We are buying Joint Strike Fighters.

I would see no problem selling Raptors to both Australia or Japan. Both should be armed to the Teeth with China and North Korea acting the way they are now

But yes, I think we should buy F22's, but I doubt it'll happen.