Is there anybody(else)from your familly who was in army??

Who,of yours was in the army before you??

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I wonder how many of you had parents or grand parents in army,all of my grand fathers,grand grand fathers etc. were in the what do you say??
Every male member of my family for the past several generations (definite to great-grandfathers) has been in the service, aside from my brother, who got rejected by both the Air Force Academy and the Army due to childhood asthma (strange, doesn't hold him back as a professional firefighter :lol: ).
My paternal Grandmother has an old photo from WWI of a cavalry troop, and about half of the the troopers are related to me in some way :lol: .

Going back even further, my ancestors fought each other in the Civil War (mainly Missourrians vs. mainly Pennsylvanians), and my several-times-great Grandfather was Ol' Rough and Ready himself, General (and later President) Zachary Taylor.
Sorry,about your brother.On my male side my G G father fought Three wars I and II balkan wars WWI,my grand father fought In WWII.Before this guys there were people who fought wars long time ago before USA was even made,but thats a diferent story :lol:
Thats a non sequitur if I've ever one Redneck. :lol:

My father and grandfather were both in the service. My dad got drafted during Vietnam (never went), and my grandfather was a WWI vet, now thats an interesting story.

In a nutshell, he joined the Turkish army during WWI to avoid being murdered. He was born in Turkey (though not a Turk, an Armenian). During the Armenian genocide (late late 19 century, early 20th century), he miraculously escaped several times, once crawling between the legs of a Turkish guard with a scimitar, another crawling across the dessert, having to get to the city before the Turkish guard he bribed with a gold coin. At Adana, he called out to the British in english, and they pulled him up on a lorry. At some point, he was a tailor in the Turkish army, to avoid being murdered. My father is currently preparing his father's autobiography for publishing.

All my uncles were in the Army, one was a Korea vet.

Right now my brother is in the Army, in Korea.

I don't know about my mother's side of the family, as she immigrated (legally, never has she been on welfare and has always had a job. Just wanted to put that out there) from Nicaragua some years ago. I do know there was some armed conflict her family participated in, thought I do not know any details.

Adendum: Just wanted to add my grandfather was in WWI, and I'm 14. He would be 109 if he were still alive. He died before I was born sadly. He was born in 1895.
I think thats everyone.
A fireman with asthma severe enough to keep him out of the service?? Now thats perseverence. Thats like saying someone is allergic to food so he couldn't get a job in a supermarket, so instead he became a cook in a resturant. :lol: :lol:
FutureRANGER said:
A fireman with asthma severe enough to keep him out of the service?? Now thats perseverence. Thats like saying someone is allergic to food so he couldn't get a job in a supermarket, so instead he became a cook in a resturant. :lol: :lol:

Ok, gotcha (although I'd call that more of an irony ;) :lol: ).

Sorry, Marksman, back on topic.....
my father, my grandfathers and my great grandfathers served in the army, and most of their forefathers too...
WWII, WWI, german - french war in 1870-71, the napoleonic wars...
My Father was/is in the Merchant Marine, so he didn't join the military.
My Grandfather was very active in the Norwegian resistance during ww2, and in the Army the rest of his life.
His Brother was a Wing Commander Flying in RAF during WW2, but got shot down at the end of the war.. (was ready to go home, but volunteered for one last mission. Shot down over Holland..)
And their father was in the Army as well, but not his whole life..
And before that??? Don't really know.. :?
My grand-dad was a surgeon in WWII fighting with the Americans. My other grand-dad (British) was in the RAF during WWII :D My dad never enlisted nor was he drafted for Vietnam because for one he was a British Citizen (now American) and wasn't living in America at the time :p

You asked for it....We have a compolsery service here so this will take a while...Ilol jsut do my grandfathers and close family....

My grandfather on dads side was in the ETZEL(Irgoon), one of the undergrounds during the mandate(basically a terrorist group...).

My grandfather on moms side was in the British army(A low rank officer in the transportation core) during WWII, then he Joined the Hagana(another underground, not so violent as thwe Irgoon). In 48 he joined the IDF, reached the rank of LTC in the Ammuinition core.

My father was a Radio-Operator, eventually was a commnder of a radio bettalion, at the rank of LTC.

My Mother did alsorts of things, reached rank of LTC.

My parents are divorced, my mommarried a man who was a Colonel in the Armour corps.

Out of my 6 brothers and sisters(5 of them from the step father, and my fathers second marriege), 4 were officers,2 Computer men, 1 MP investigator, 1 Tank instructor).....

Well, this was redicules...
My grandfather served in the Army along with my dad. All of my dad's brothers (four of them) served as well. Three in the Army, and one in the Marine Corps. We still tease him about being the lone marine in the family.
Father was a lifer, 3 tours in Vietnam
Several Uncles in Vietnam.
Both Grandfathers served, one army, one marine(who sailed with admiral Byrd to the Antarctic).
Great Grandfather was a POW in china during ww1
Several ancestors took part in the defense of the Jefferson Barracks Arsenal during the first weeks of the Civil War.
Stepfather served stateside during vietnam. One brother went to West Point, one served in Desert storm, one is a marine who just got back from Iraq, one is an Army Reserve 0-3 who shipped to Iraq in january. I did 5 years in the army. You could say I'm from a military family....
We've had men in the service at least back to the War of 1812, including the American Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War so far. They've served in the Army, Navy, Air Force (back when it was Army Air Corps), Marine Corps, and even the Merchant Marines. Most however were in the Army.
my grand father, now dead, fought with McArthur in Battan, and later took part in the island hoping campiagns, koria, and Viatnam