Iran's Military


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Is it large? Small? Well trained? Poorly trained? Well equiped, or no better than Iraq? And, ultimately, could Persia's armed forces pose a threat?
Large? Yes. Well equipped? No. Mostly has outdated US equips from before they dumped the Shah in 1978/1979, some from the 80's and whatever they could pick up from anywhere else. Still, Iraq would be quite vunerable to them invading if the US Army wasn't there. If you remember you history, Iran and Iraq fought their little war to a draw, if that gives you some idea.
The only thing they got to face any threat is their outdated but modified airforce that is in good condition, and their pilots are good I have heard. I think Iran is even more simple to defeat then Iraq was on the open battlefield but you will need alot of B-52s to take care of the human waves of fanatic Pasdaran revolution guards. Points at the Iran/Iraq war. They will be harder to break then Iraq is on the ground in the citys. But still many young people in Iran want another Iran thats for sure.


Iran is strong army in M.East, but in no where in the world.

Iran's biggest threat is their potential nukes and the missiles.

I think Iran is much stronger compared to Iraq, especially their people are more fanatic.
Alrighty then, I was just curious what with the current shi'ite crisis in Iraq. I was just thinking if Iran decided to go ahead and take that chunk of Iraq for itself, or what might be their words "liberate it from the imperial west" or something.
I dont think so. I think the T72 is the last one they imported. They also preduce the Zulfigar MBT. They did iomport the NORINCO Type 69....As to APCs-The BMP-2 is in service with them, as is the Chinese copy(WZ501). They make an APC of their own based on the BMP family, called the Boragh....
And what is the streangth of the Revolutionary Gaurd. Is this formation more of a special forces element or a Iraqi Republican Gaurd element? That is to say, what is it's size, it's Order of Battle, etc...?
I do believe(although Im not at home right now, so I dont have ny books), that it is similar to the function of the Iraqi Republican Guard. However, while the Iraqi Guard was ment to be an armored force, Im preety sure the Irani Guard is mostly infantry. Either way, the quality is poor.
So were talking no Mech or Armored Divisions? One more question, is this a valid military force, or are these people gonna run around In jeans and a polo fired Ak's?
They are uniforned, but, as always in a-asimetrical warfare, they will probably go to gurilla if they get beaten in the field.
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Has Iran imported any of the newer Soviet model Tanks/APC'S?
The problem with the Russian/Iranian connection idea is that the two countries hate each other. Iran was very concerned with the idea of becoming "the next victim to fall" to the Communist Empire after Afganistan was invaded. I don't know a great deal of details after the end of the Cold War.
GuyontheRight said:
The why Is Russia a leading power In supplying Iran with Nuclear facilities?

If you have been in REAL "internatinal military forums", you would see how iranians piss off russians (no respect at all), and same for russians towards iranians. I found this very strange, since iran relies a lot on russian help especially in nuke ones, well maybe the attitudes of governments are bit different than the ones of the normal people.
For russians, their only care money, it does not matter too much for them to whom they are selling.

A couple of years ago, the russian extreme right-wing leader was openly talking about conquering iran and wash their red army boots in the warm persian gulf waters :D