Inuit Mechanic


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One day Johnny was out enjoying a fine Alaskan winter day by riding his snowmobile all about. Now Johnny's snowmobile was not new and it had seen better days but he could sure make it fly. But this fine day while flying over a trail it sputtered and shook and coughed and belched and began billowing black oil smoke. Johnny took notice and after uttering a few choice expletives he turned and headed her into town to see the mechanic.

Now by the time he reached the outskirts of town there was a plume of smoke rising behind him and the noise had risen from a dull roar to a scream no one could ignore. As he pulled up to the mechanic's, the old man had heard him coming and met him at the front.

Johnny climbed off as the old mechanic came up with a half grin and exclaimed, "Damn son looks like you blew a seal!"

Johnny panicked and quickly brushed at his moustache and nervously countered, "No, no that's just frost."