Introducing myself : Italian Guy.

Italian Guy

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Whats up ? My name's Antonio, i'm new here, i ve just been reading around this site for a while and finally decided to join. I'm an authentic friend of the US and an admirer of Israel. Which means I'm always fighting against this socialist european public opinion.
welcome to the forum Antonio.
I moved your post over to the Welcoming center....
Welcome. I was in northern Italy for two years, nice people. I look forward to getting to know you better. :D
As an alumni of the San Vito Di Normandi AB...welcome to the forum! :D

I loved southern italy to the tune of 25 pounds.... ;)
oh I love italy. I went there for a week with my DODEs highschool in Belgium. It was a 19 hour drive. but it was great!! I would go back any day!
Thank you everyone! Yes that's a rather nice country... and yep women are gorgeous: you can find the blondes ( scandinavian-style ) in the northeast, like in Venice, the big-breasted, dark colored ones in the south ( Maria Grazia Cucinotta ), and the light-skinned, dark eyed in the center ( Monica Bellucci ). in my view these latter ones are the best... right where BlackJack's gal's from. That doesn't make me very proud, though, since that British guy's an POOF! ( metaphorically speaking, and I don't think anyone in here will rebuke me for saying this ).
So where you at tough girl at the moment ?

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Well my dad got stationed back in the states again. I didnt want to leave.... I'll go back any day. I miss europe so much. I fell in love with italy... and one of its boys.... :) that was the best week of my life!
That mite ve been me... lol!

well sorry for namecalling it's just that that guy was not one of my favorites. Roger that anyways.
Italy is a real beautiful place to be....
Ive been there several times.
My girlfriend sails, shes down there almost each weekend in summer for regattas
Lago di Garda's in my view Italy's top place for vacation in the summer. Your girl must have a keen eye on places, that's for sure. Take a trip with her one day.