Interested In PMC Work or Military Service


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I'm 26 with a violent, most-serious offense on my record, specifically Armed Robbery. I spoke with a USMC recruiter a few months ago, and was told that my conviction would not stop me from enlisting, but my parole does. In order to enlist, I would have to obtain a waiver. What can I do to better my chances of getting a waiver?
My family has a lot of ex-military in it. My father is Retired Navy, my uncle is ex-Army Reserve, my grandfather and great-grandfather retired from the Army, my step-grandfather is ex-Army. I was supposed to enlist when I turned 18, but I was hanging out with the wrong person, and I got myself arrested and sent to prison.
I am determined to serve my country. I want to know what I have to do in order to better my chances of obtaining a waiver.
Also, I want to know what I can do to have a chance at a job as a PMC. No experience, but then again, how many of you had any combat experience when you enlisted? How many of you had to go receive training in order to qualify yourselves to become targets for terrorists? All of you, I think, but that's just a guess... I know there are certain skills that I would need to ... acquire ... before applying anywhere, and I know that I would need to have certain references, people who could vouch for me.
FYI, I'm not interested in glory or accolades. I'm not interested in being able to tell people about where I've been and the things that I've done. What I AM interested in is serving the country that has given us so much. This is the greatest nation on Earth, and what have I done for it? Robbed someone at gunpoint. I am a disgrace to my country. All I want--ALL I WANT--is to become an asset to my country, or die in service to it, giving my life so that others may live.