I'm looking for somebody?


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I hope somebody could help me because as far as I know the person that I'm looking for I don't know where he is at. it has been 3 years and I hope he is doing OK his name is PM for details and was born in Puerto Rico and his nick name is pookie I know he is in the Army but I don't know the rank or anything please contact me as soon as anybody know anything my name is maria diaz thank you.
Unfortunately, what you are asking is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so it is very unlikely you will get a response. Try contacting his family and friends - that is usually the best way. Good luck.
There's a site called leatherneck.com that may be able to help. It's a USMC site but there are other service members on it. One of them might know where to find Pookie.
There's tons of unit pages on the net, where you can find military personnel. I don't know any from memory, but i'm sure a search engine will do fine.