I'm a Medic (and I love to hear you scream my name) Poem

Honestly, CF, I really do not know the sound of soap being picked up... perhaps a Marine could explain this better... :p

Saying "Highway Man, go and pick up the shower gel" doesn't sound right. However, saying "Highway Man, go and pick up the bar of soap...". :D
Disgraceful. LOL. I soooo wouldn't be using Showergel for that if I were you. Cringes*
ffS butter would be better than that if you're that feckn despo!! Christ. I can't believe I am having this conversation!

Randomly-using shower gel for washing your hair also makes it fly-away. Which is annoying when you are trying to brush it and it looks like you've had your hands on an Electric Static Ball thing. Not great when you need your hair to lay low. You guys have it all so easy...