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If this Country isn't in a depression then what are we in ? , the middle class which pays the bills is about played out , people are buying cheaper vacations , used cars and homes that are in need of repair , a struggle to stay above water monthly and very little money for extras . Perhaps a good war will get things going but we're still paying for the two we are trying to finish up , we do have an abundance on the dole with more joining the ranks daily , this is not the way America is supposed to work . .:rock:
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I agree

Call it recession or depression man at least in the Northeast the nations taking a dump. I know technocrats are a dozen, compared to 10 years ago when good paying jobs were there for the taking. Vacations, new cars, new houses hard to afford. These last wars haven’t pumped much money into the economy. In fact with Obama’s blessing our military is shrinking to a small size.
We have an unsustainable Military the budget is huge and 88% of it do nothing worth mentioning , not the Service men's fault we just can't afford them .
Perhaps, but military development fuels the economy. Even the technology that falls out of the Government technology fuels commercial technology. It has shrunk and the economy has taken a dump.
Nothing too do but get out of debt , how ? that's a good question , but a Country that can't suppress its spending will join the multitude that's on the wrong side of the ledger , in Europe the only Country that has a thriving economy is Germany and that could be a bad thing .