I need a quote..


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I'm in the US Army, and am getting a tattoo...it's gonna be a cross with a helmet hangin off of the top of the cross, with an M-16 leaning against the cross...the problem is, I need a quote that would suit it..
I was going to use "This We'll Defend", but seeing as how my friend stole it from me, I need a new one.

Edit: I should mention that I'm contracted through ROTC, so I do not have a unit yet, let alone an MOS. I was looking for a generic Army phrase, and not a unit specific (I.E. Airborne All the Way, etc. etc.). thanks
Hm...toughie there. Since it's something you'll have on you for a looong time.

I've always been partial to 'Who dares, wins.' But that's the motto of the British 22nd SAS so that goes against your requirement of a neutral unit thing.

Any more specific ideas?
I was thinking "Death before Dishonor", but I don't know...damn my friend for taking "This We'll Defend", I had that idea waaaaaaaaay before he did..
2006, but reallistically, 2007. I'm behind a few credits in college, and if I go to Airborne this sumer (GOD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME) then I'll probably be commissioning in 2007.
haha yeah, I actually want to branch Infantry, and get stationed with the 75th Ranger Regiment at Benning
2 things-

first of all about
'Who dares, wins.'
Its wierd but its the motto of the "Shabak", Israels equivilat of the FBI&Secret Service....
About your tattom, i dont know, "peace by supirior fire power"?
These might be too long but:

"We make war that we may live in peace."

"The valiant never taste death but once."
Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
You said it's a cross, so I take it you wouldn't mind a christian theme?

"In Hoc Signo Vinces" (With this sign you will Conquer)
-The Sign Contonstine the Great Saw in the Sky with a Cross
Lots of good suggestions, but I would like to point out that "Duty, Honor, Courage" is the motto of the 40th Infantry Divsion, my parent organization these days. I think that motto would be real good for you ckim715 as you will be in very good company - especially as a soon to be Infantryman HOOAH!

Another alternative would be Pro Liberate Patriae - For the Liberty of My Country.

Do decide carefully - as Acerbus pointed out this will be with you for awhile :D
Let us know what you decide on. I have never gotten a tatoo so I guess you are wise to consider carefully what it will say. Minds and souls change, tatoos remain indefinately.