I like the way this CSA talks...


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Alright, so I'm not all that experienced in military affairs. But in comparison to Shinseki, Schoomaker is shaping up to be a helluva Chief of Staff for the current affairs of the army. From what I gathered from all of Shinseki's stuff brought forth in his tenure was way too much futuristic crap when all our combat was being fought on small scale levels.

Just my two cents.
I just browsed quickly through the text, and it looks very good.

Joint operations and smaller, but more lethal units and an increased focus on combat training centres is some of the main focus areas in the Norwegian Army these days too. (on a MUCH smaller scale of course...)
Not to mention the focus on a force that's able to work right here and now and the greater attention to the training of individual Soldiers(the capital s being one of his new nuances, good idea taken from the Marines.

Hope he'll take some more ideas from the Marines, such as the 'every one a rifleman' one. That's something that'll prove to be very crucial on today's battlefield, methinks, where there's no actual front and rear and everyone's free game. Just gotta look at the 507th Maintenance company.
Shininski was a Clintonian, the so called liberal elite. Thus, he knew more about politics then war, which reflects the whole summery of the Clinton administration. (By the way I belive Wesley Clark is the same,-just a pawn for Hillary to elect herself for president)

Shoomaker is a former Delta Force commander, he knows what he's doing. But anyone is better then one of Clinton's pawns. And I really like his attitude toward shaping up the military, we need to get marksmenship up definetly.
Yeah, Clark just doesn't have that nice ring in my mind. For that matter, just the fact that a general is running in politics soon after retirement sets me at unease. Politics and the military mix quite screwily in my view of the matter.

But so far Schoomaker looks like he's got the 'no shit' attitude the Army needs. Wonder if he'll touch the beret issue...