I AM THINKING OF A NUMBER(worth 500 milbucks)

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*marksman,sees what nulli just did,and pulls out his dual crossbows,and fires several rounds in Nullis direction,hitting nullis shirt,nailing him to the near wooden sign stoping nulli from escaping,he comes toward him,looks him and says "hang a while,will ya"* :lol: :lol: ;)
*ripes off shirt, poses for picture :D , runs after Marksman with SKS, pops a few into his back, "Dang Lt _____ was right. He does look like the milk jug after being shot"
**sees the stupidity of some people and walks away with nullis and marksmans milbucks which they left unguarded while getting dougals**
*calls in for artie support,blasting both nulli and rotc boy sky-high,sits on his BMW K 1200 LT,and fires the roads till the mexico*
*during a high speed race marksman turns around and starts to hit nulli with his metal boot in his head* down u bastard!! its all MINE!!!*TOOOT* OHH SHIAT!!! *KABUM,TAAPOOF,GRUGEBOOOM*.................*after a truck went over them,nulli and marksman sit on the ground and begin to laugh* *and by the way,end of this silly story * *PA ram dam dam,dam dam dam dam (background music starts) ................

cast(in order of apperance) --"INTERNATIONAL AND FURIOUS"--

Marksman - himself
nulli secundus - himself
rotcboy - himself


zimmer studios


david da'francesko
mike schull

nulli,call my menager so we could settle the apointement before press conference in 1500 hours tomorow
agreed,by the way,im looking forward to International and dangerous II,we should have a lot of fun filming it ;)
id like to audition for the part of rotc boy
i have little to no acting experience but i really think i could get into the part :D
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