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Ted said:
Does any of you still play: Enemy Territory, Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the internet. My new pc isn't up to the job of playing Source smoothly and ET plays just fine. The graphics are not very modern, but the gameplay is still cool. As far as I know it is the only on-line game where you are promoted during the action. The higher your rank, the stronger you become....

lol.. the wolferstine games are seeming to be old.

Anyone know Martyr? heh :9mm:

Red Orchestra here. My rig is starting to show its age. I have a couple of new games I'd love to be playing, but my venerable old Ti4600 just isn't up to the pixel shading anymore. Unfortunately for me, my venerable old A7V333 motherboard isn't capable of supporting the necessary video cards. For a mere $700 I can upgrade motherboard, processor and video card (and maybe a couple other tweaks). I ask myself, "Are Oblivion and Condemned worth it?"
hey I got a similar problem there moving0target..

Ive got an obscelete GeForce 5500fx, and cant get a new one cause the format or whatever is newer. Need to start saving some money heh
get a 6600gt, they cost 130 dollars these days, excellent deal.

Right now i'm playing Hearts of Iron 2 doomsday, Knights of the Old Republic 2, and warhammer 40,000 dawn of war: winter assault.
I hear a lot of strategic games. Rome total war is really cool, but it takes ages to finish the last ones off. I am a real FPS player myself, as long as it has to do with WWII or modern times. On line COD is absolutly cool and so in counterstrike. But none of these has the gameplay of the old wolfenstein.
I'm currently playing Call of Duty 2. I'm in the |2ndRBn| Tactical Realism clan. My screen name is ' |2ndRBn| PFC Stevens ' so just search me if you want....
hahahahahahahahaha.....mercy rule!!!!hahahahahahaha 14-0 final score...i guess after henry was hurt they kinda gave up...ahhahahahahaha
Dont ya just love video games...it gives one false hope that one could do a better job coaching than the coaches...which gets me pissed off at the TVs sometimes...hahaha