How's the weather?? :)

Back home it was around -10 F or below every night and some days only got up to about 20F, and I got to dig holes looking for broken pipe. Now if that ain't fun, I don't know what is. :lol:
all i can say is very very cold.... u know how chapstick like melts onto your lips? mine are so cold it won't melt lol.... very very cold... its says only like 31.6*F or something... but thats in the city..
Just a little weather update.

This night: -30C/-22F
Now: -25C/-13F....

(but I like it... :viking: )
Regina, SK in the early part of the New Year was -39 C with a wind that made it seem like -47C for about a week, that was fun. But cold is better than hot, because you can easily dress for the cold. I don't know where they get there warnings that skin freezes in less than a minute at ~ -35C because we can do chores for an hour and be fine even if our faces are uncovered, the warnigns must be for city people :shock:
Where I live its about 80 right now (1000 hours). During the day it might reach 85 (middle of winter too). During the summer the hottest it might get will be 105-110. I live in Southern California. BTW, whats a sweater? And whats a jacket? And whats a heater? And whats 'cold'? :D :D

All tempatures are in F.
*shrugs* its been in the 50s
we still have snow on the ground lol

yeah it went from being 25 and snowing to around 40 - 50 in 1 day
Currently it's 27 degrees and lightly snowing out. The temperature hovered around 27-30 all day, and is gonna drop to around 16 tonight. Not much snow this year, just COLD temps up here in the mountains. Especially where my appartment is, close to 3000 ft above sea level.
It's around 9 degrees here opposed to Florida where i was for a few weeks which was 24 degrees, quite a downfall in temperature.

I got a cold :shock: :?
OMG... YES I KNOW FLORIDA WAS FREEZING! like 2 days before x-mas it was always cold.. i got a really bad cold too.... and i was miserable (it was a band trip)
lets see, last saturday it was about 50, and then sunday it snowed and i've been out of school for a week for snow... and today it was lik 50 and tmorrow its supposed 2 be, but its below freezing at night... poses a problem... the slush is so thick, and there is only about 4 - 5 hours of the warm before it freezes again

callin for wintery mix monday again... wonderful