How Old were you when you joined?

try being 24 and another guy being 25 and i was called mom and he was called dad...sigh.

but they were such cute kids... :D
I was 17 when I joined the Army in 1985. It was a very good thing to have done as I was way to ancy to be going to college. This way I settled down some from the Military experience and when I got out I had earned my college money and quite a few life experiences.
Yes You will have to wear BCG's while in Boot. I can tell you that it will not matter to you one bit. This is the last thing that will be bothering you at boot camp. I went through Parris Island and I can tell you that there are no women to impress and no one gives a flying rip about how you cute you are. Good luck and let me give you one piece of advice. Learn as much about Marine Corps history (knowledge) and your general orders long before you got to boot camp. Recite them over and over again while you are practicing your running. Oh yeah if you are going to PI work on getting eaten alive by bugs and not moving a muscle to wipe them off. I wish you luck. I am out now but going into the Army next month. See you in the sand.