How did you find this forum?

How did you find this forum?

  • through

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  • from another forum *list below*

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  • other *please list in a post*

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  • no one cares implicature GET A LIFE!!

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people wander her from all over. i saw this forum mentioned in a post in another forum after i joined. it was a tech forum that suggested the poster to get out of here and try another forum like a military forum. so i googled military forum and whalla:

i found it doing a google search for information on the USMC.
I was searching for information on the Xm-8 and came upon it... Good ol' google hooked me up with my only internet-forum. :lol:
I was searching for military ranks and insignia, when this came up. I was a lurker for quite some time before I joined.
got bored at work and decided to perv on sexy american guys in the military..........and woooohoooo bob's ya uncle guess where i landed!!
i found this place by a complete accident. i wasnt looking for a forum or anything related to this. what i did was googled "USMC candeces" and found this place on like the fourth website i checked. after i saw what this is, i joined.
so you guys pay your way to the top eh? thats a cheap way to gain mods redleg.....well not cheap..........exspensive....
I was desperate from my university environment where each and everybody was anti-American and socialist, so I got kinda crazy and one day I stumbled across this site while randomly surfing and found it THE place. A few months later I married RL :firedevi: and we had a wonderful baby :rock:

Well RL had the baby, you know I was the one who kept smoking while waiting out of maternity room :drunkb:

Yay this is basically how. Seriously.
My friend you may know him BaZoOkAzNgReNaDeZ, we kind of have the same name ideas, anyways he introduced me to it and now i'm hooked!!!!