How come i havn't got a rank?

you need to buy "tietle privilige" in the post future Qwestions in the quwestions area so Admin can help you quickly.
No there isn't any limit.

Just post until you have nothing to post about. :D

But yeah, No Spamming. But active members is always welcome! ;)
When it comes to earning rank there's no daily limit on posting.
But you can only earn 100MilBucks pr day (pr 24hours) from posting.

Be active, and climb the ranks.. :D

Spam, and you will regret.. :m16:

Read more about the ranks here:
(and you can also read about the other forum features in that part of the forum...)
on the topic of spammin... just let me know if i do, don't just delete them cause i'll never notice... cause i tend to do stuff w/out realizin... tryin to work on the fact that not everyone needs 2 know my 2 cents
ghost_lead said:
how come every time i log back on i seem to lose my credits? :(

If one of the moderators deletes some of your posts (Spam??) you loose your milbucks for those posts!

If you have not spammed, and none of your posts have been deletd, please post here again and I'll see if I can find the problem.
no you have to buy the tillte priviledge....then you will have a rank and the more you poast the higher you got up.....
Because after you've posted enough to get 100 milbucks in 24 hours it doesn't give you anymore, thus "You have exceeded the alloted amount of posts and will not earn anything for your post"

It doesn't mean you can't post or anything, you just don't earn any milbucks for doing so until the next 24 hours roll around.