How Close did China and America come to war?

Hey guys

America and China are already in a war, an economic war. And guess what, China is WINNING!! Just look at all the damn Wal-marts. This war might eventually become a shooting one, but not before they upgrade their military. And guess where China is getting the $$$$$ to pay for it. Actually, all they really have to do is stop stocking the Wal-marts. And that will be the end of us
It will hurt them a hell of a lot more than it hurts us. Any third world country can make our crap, were just the only country that buys so dam much of it.
The SNSI of my NJROTC unit is a retired Navy pilot, and he told us that what those USN pilots did was an embarassment to the Navy, although most people don't see it that way. The aircraft was still in good enough condition to reach other friendly territory (he mentioned Taiwan and the Philippines), which would have avoided most of the situation entirely. Also, they didn't properly destroy their equipment, letting a lot of sensitive data fall into "enemy" hands.

Of course, in public, we have to make them look like heros because they did go through a lot, but they'll never see another promotion and probably will have an early retirement.