How bout a party with Britney Spears ?????

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Well, we'll know soon now.
His/her name is *drumroll*


let's hope that mail isn't fake.... :D
Redneck said:
We shouldn't say "everybody gets a gold star when they reach 50 posts" because that will generate a lot of spam, if we want to do something like that, we should just surprise those who reach 50 posts with their gold star.

That right, 1217?

ive made over 240 posts, does that mean i get three stars? :lol: sorry sir, i dont think that would work because every user can see their rank and see the number of posts theyve made resulting in a "spam war" ;)
:2guns: :evil: :evil:
Still no Britney Spears!!!!

:firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi: :firedevi:

(it is getting hot in here though ;) ) :firedevi: :firedevi:
I think we could still *party* just not get a reward. LIke my 500! post was my own little party... but instead everyone decided to salute me. Oh well, it was fun anyway.. not like my cadets remember to salute me anyways. So like if someone gets to be a full bird col... well, they can have a party. Me, I was just happy to get 500 posts, but hey, I can go up to Justin or Tim and say HAHAHAHA I OUTRANK YOU BOW DOWN TO ME! now. :D
Yes, I like the idea of a party. I've had some at other forums in the past and they've been pretty fun. Surprising since it's nothing but words, but meh.

And maybe keeping some rewards a secret... Like, maybe the 50th person to reach such and such rank gets a party thrown in their honor! Yay! Go them! You know, that sort of thing. ^_^

And besides, wouldn't it be nice to think you can actually trust your fellow human not to spam? I had troubles about that at another forum. Someone brought up the problem of the possibility of spamming and post count and this resulted in a whole section of the forum being shut off from the post count. It felt like a punishment. But the thing was, no one had actually spammed. So we were punished for nothing because certain people didn't trust us. :cry: It's so depressing.
*stab* *stab* DIE TOPIC, DIE *stab* *stab* *stab*....

Try to resurrect this one now!! :rambo:
Whats the problem with resurecting it...I just did...Just kidding still locked as ordered by ower glourios admin... :D
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