Hitler 'ordered pope kidnapped'

trdemay said:
i just wanted to say as a Catholic that the criticism of the church during the holocast are completly off base. There are many pieces of history that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Pope Pius XII went to extreme limits to save Jews from Nazi death camps and protest Germany and its racist policies throughout not just his time as the Pontiff but also in the years before the war while the vatican secretary of state and a powerful church leader. Here is some of the evidence of the great kindness Pius displayed toward Jews throughout his life and his opposition to Nazism.

this website is really good for quotes from the Pope and his speeches and quotes from his supporters of the time, many of whom were jewish which dispells the absurd notion that one poster had that all Jews hate Pius. As you can see in the article, some of Pius Jewish supporters were Einstein, Chaim Weizmann (Isreals first president), Moshe Sharett (Isreals second prime minister), Rabbi Isaac Herzog (chief rabbi of Israel), Marcus Melchior (the chief rabbi of Denmark) and the cheif rabbi of Rome who converted to catholicism after first hand witnessing the Popes kindness toward Jews.

and a list of more websites

in fact, estimates are that the Pope saved at least 700,000 Jews from extermination and possibly as much as 860,000 and more making him responsible for the saving the lifes of more Jews than any other man at the time.

I agree. Unfortunately a topic like this can stir up a lot of ill feeling between Jews and Catholics.