My Sq has 34 SMs and 36 Cadets. But only 24 of them like to show up on a regular baises. During certian times of the year we lose some people because of sports or school, but they come back....most of the time.

Edit: we got one more cadet
17 Cadets and 12 Seniors but 2 of us Seniors are assigned to Group Hq

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Hmm, in a depression, all of my cadets show up *gasp* :shock: But that still is only like 8/9. Wait, my little brother can't show up. Lol.

about 5 SMs
drilldownmaster2004 said:
I mean at one time we had a bad commander and ALL of the cadet staff left for college

At one time, I was the cadet staff. At one time, I was the only NCO. At one time, we had no NCOs and I was the cadet commander as a c/SrA. This was after losing 2 C/2d Lt's, a c/MSgt, C/TSgt, C/SSgt. All within a month.
well I actually came before the bad times and within 3 moths after joining I was the Squadron first Sergeant because we did not have the staff. Eventually because of this collapse many cadets left and we were down to 6 to 7 showing up. I eventually progressed in the program and now am a MSgt
Before I retired from Air Cadets, we had 37 Cadets on Parade. Apparently, it's up to over 50 now.

As for right now, I've got 119 Cadets in my Squadron here at RMC Prep Year.
100+ people?! Ok, all you JROTC and other cadets not in CAP, just stop saying how many cadets you have........it's getting depressing.......
My CAP unit has like 30 on books, I think, I'm new to it.

My ROTC unit has close to, if not over, 500 cadets :P