Help with MOS change


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Hello all,
I have a friend who served with Tiger Force in 1966 in Vietnam. He was a volunteer, as all were, to the unit, and his MOS was 45A chemical operations specialist. After performing honorably under fire on numerous occasions, his commanding officer was preparing to request an MOS change to 11B so that he could recommend the man for the CIB. Unfortunately, the CO was wounded in action and evacuated, and never got to make the request. Now, 44 years later, we've located the CO who confirmed that yes, he was about to request an MOS change from the BG in charge. The Army Review Board cannot assist in securing this CIB because it does not have the authority to order an MOS change. Anyone know where to go from here??? There is a large group of us who believe that denying this man his CIB is a gross injustice.