I was reading this book and the farmer wakes up in the middle of the night cause he hears some chicken thieves. So he got his shotgun, loaded it with bacon rinds, and shot the thieves in the legs.

I forgot what book it was, I was just trying to verify the accuracy of it.

Actually I was just messin with you :cowb:
:lol: Unless it was a blunderbuss, you can't do that with a shotgun (shoving things in the barrel). We do load our own shells and load some with rock salt (a fairly common practice) for stray dogs, and growing up I had more than one fired at me for trespassing out around the lake. :lol:
TheSunsetSniper said:
I'm an airsofter as well buddy. I think quite a few people on this forum are. What guns do you have? (Sorry if this has already been asked)

P90 TR with ris rails and a box mag and a WA beretta M9

looking to get a CA M15 A4 when I get the money
Thats cool Angelus...I was thinking about checking out the airsoft thing myself. I just haven't gotten into it yet. I didn't realize there were so many people out there that did it. I've always wanted to do paintball but, when I saw this on the History Channel one day I thought this might be cool to get into.