Guns of WWII


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I was watching the History Channel and saw the pathetic guns given to the japanese. Anyways I was wondering what weapons were given to the US soldiers.
This is of course a partial list, but here are some of the weapons our troops carried:

-M1903 Springfield
-M1 Carbine
-M1 Garand
-M1911A1 Colt .45
-M1 Thompson
-M3 "Greasegun"
-M1918A2 BAR
-M2 Browning

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The marines had a hard time taking the island of SAIPAN. The Japs had improvised weapons and well camoflauged bunkers. Their machine guns were the best on that island. They took out most of our tanks and a large number of our men by ambush. but our bazooka did the job along with "CODE TALKERS."
Just this

I went to the shooting range just this fryday. Fired the M1 Carabin.
Its the standart for the Israeli Civil Guard. Funny thing, we got US straps, ammo boxes, cleanning equippment, all from WWII...At least you know, if it did not break in the last 50 years, it wont break now....
M1 was a great gun and gave a severe advantage to the US forces fire-power wise. Still some preffered the early issue '03 for its greater accuracy. One a Sgt. you could have a choice of keeping your M1 or getting a M1 Carbine or Thompson, my grandfather said he chose the carbine cause the Tommy Gun had a kicking recoil. :lol:

The M1 was the only thing that kept a code talker safe. Not really. Easy to say that here. I don't have bullets flying over head. But the sarge had the machine gun. This kept them safe. They only carried about 5 x-tra mags and about 2 to3 grenades. They weren't really well defended. I think good training had a lot to do with our victory.
Actually, for all the great things you hear about the M1 Garand, one of my professors is a Korean War vet, and he told me he absolutely hated it. Said it was easily fouled by debris and jammed often.
Bah... M1 was a great rifle, thats why it was the standard weapon. Yes, it does have its downfalls but every gun does. For it's time 60 years ago it was a great gun. :rambo:
You got any experience to back that up? :lol: I'm inclined to believe a man who actually used one in combat.
Haha, you got me there... no real-combat experience, only documents.

But hey, that's just ONE guy who hated it that much, I think you would have saw a lot more soldiers with '03's if they hated the Garand that much... because they still had an option(most soldiers)
Generations gap..

By korea the M1 was getting old...In WWII it was considerd good, apart from the loading diffeculties. I guss that by the 50's, it was getting outdated...
I don't remember what it was called though I think the military bought a little over 1,000 of them in 1941 and pretty much just gave it to special forces though I am not quite sure.
Any more specific information? What caliber, was it automatic or semi, bolt action or self-loading, what it generally looks like, etc.?