Got hit by a Deer


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Yea I mean the Deer hit us, not we hit the deer.
Anyway, there we are last night going down Centerville turnpike to Moyock for dinner, there's this cute little deer on the side of the road munching away on grass, its on the left side, there's oncoming traffic, the deer sees it runs out in front of a Toyota, sees the Toyota and hops straight up into the air right into the windshield of the Jeep, Now we need a windshield fender door and there's a permanent dent in the area right aft of the drivers door. So much for my first dent free vehicle :(
worst part is I had no way to get the deer home when the cop said I could have it :(
(hope the dam deer rots in HE**)
Aw, poor thing! (the deer:D)

I've never been in a vehicle that ran into a deer, but I know people who have hit cows, deer, horses, and birds.
More like dam evil Bambi, you should a seen the mad look on its face as the viscous thing tried to come through the windshield and attack me.
I soooo wish I'd had a pickup there, that deer would be in the freezer right now.
I think the cuteness of deer quickly burns off once you realize how incredibly stupid they are and you've had a number of close calls on the road like I have.

Seriously, the common squirrel is much more intelligent. I've had deer jump in front of my truck and jump back off the road, then jump in front of the truck again. I wonder if there would be any deer left if we hadn't hunted their predators.
Maybe they're stupid because we did kill off the predators. Good news though. If your area has deer, you probably won't go hungry.
Maybe they're stupid because we did kill off the predators. Good news though. If your area has deer, you probably won't go hungry.

That's true. Just sitting on my back porch with my SKS I could probably bag about 12 deer, if not more. In the city we had cockroaches everywhere. Up here the deer are almost as bad.
I was deer hunting in Oklahoma... I was in a tree stand and I saw a nice 8 point buck run across the field about 100 yards away. It jumped the fence and went behind the tree line. I heard tires screech and a loud bang.

At the end of the hunt I went over to the tree line. That buck got hit my a dodge truck. Best damn deer steaks I ever had....

Sucks for your Jeep though....
I'll be as finished as I'm gonna be tomorrow ion the jeep, new windshield, pulled the door dent the one in the upper front 1/4 and between door and fender flare gotta stay though. their both minor so I guess they won't affect the paint any
Naw, Sevens, the deers are too stupid to realize that the vehicles are full of steels in 35 to 70 MPH, especially, the ones with grille guard.
That's why if no one is behind me and I'm not in a rush I pull over and yell at the deer as loud as I can. They don't understand artificial forms at all; the car might as well be a rock to them. But when they hear growling they know to run. And hopefully my efforts will teach them to be at least a little bit afraid of vehicles.
I think the deer warning whistles are work.....well, at least, it works on my truck. I've seen some cats, raccoons, coyotes, and deer were run away when they heard my deer warning whistles on my grille guard. Don't you think?
They work to a point. Some animals are just too stupid to run when they hear it, though. Or, as I suggested, are just suicidal.