FutureRANGER's Trivia - Who Said It?

Nope. All wrong. (according to my sources, which I did verify)

ITS WORTH 250 MILBUCKS NOW and I'm taking it down at midnight tonight.
:D Correct!! :D (bad for me I have to dish out 250 milbucks :? )

Did you know that or did you look it up? Congrats in any case.


Rick 90467 - 3
Darkmb101 - 3
diplomatic_means - 1
I thought it looked familiar, saw it first in high school. But I couldnt remember at first if it was Mark Twain or Hubbard. I have a small book on Abe Martin' Kin Hubbards cartoon strip.
Seneca the Younger to be exact. Good job, that was a tough one.

Recruits! Before the altar and the servant of God you have given me the oath of allegiance...You have sworn fidelity to me, you are the children of my guard, you are my soliders, you have surrendered yourself to me, body and soul.

Only one enemy can exist for you -- my enemy. With the present Socialist machinations, it may happen that I shall order you to shoot your own relatives, you brothers, or even your parents -- which God forbid -- and then you are bound in duty implicity to obey my orders.



Rick90467 - 3
Darkmb101 - 3
diplomatic_means - 1
rlbush - 1
Anyone? I'll give you a hint.

He was a civil war naval officer.

Harder than I thought, 20.

Hint 2) His last name is a precious metal.
Heh finally got a stumper. It was Yates Sterling. New one-

A government needs one hundred soldiers for every guerilla it faces.



Rick90467- 3
Darkmb101 - 3
rlbush - 2
diplomatic_means - 1
FutureRANGER - 1