Funny American Article about the English

A couple of weeks ago I drove a car along a street in Haarlem. This street has a couple of odd bends in it, because it's right beside the river. I was doing about 50 km per hr (31 mph, the speed limit on that road) when I rounded a bend. In the middle of the lane was a Japanese looking guy with a (Japanese looking) camera. :shock: I hit the brakes and stopped in time, bet the guy never moved. He was making a photo of the windmill* across the river, and of course had to stand there to get a good shot. His wife(?) was across the road between him and the mill, and I guess it was a very important shot, because they took their time, and then politely thanked me for waiting... I drove on laughing my :cen: off.

I've worked in the centre of Amsterdam, I've seen them taking pictures of taxi's, pigeons, our store, the streets, the water, me(!), etc. Maybe I don't show it anymore, but it still amazes me at times. :D

* The only windmill in the area that I know of. If you're interested, here's a link. A couple of those pictures were taken from the exact same spot.
Holland is not all windmills (anymore?) :D