Full Metal Jacket Trivia


Put some Q's up about their traingin (basic) I know those lol..eg places lol unless i have been blind and missed em!!!!!!
Holy crap...did this place die off. Sorry about that. I got rather busy with other things, and lost some of my thoughts about FMJ. I'll post some more questions eventually, but I'm going to need to watch the movie about 80 more times in order to dig up some more, interesting questions. ;)
just an idea

I got a question you know for an idea.........

In what diff countires was Full Metal Jacket filmed in?
That works. It looks like you'll have to be the one to reply to the answer, though. Even I don't have a clue.
Filming Locations for Full Metal Jacket
Bassingbourn Barracks, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, England, UK
Beckton Gasworks, Beckton, London, England, UK
Dorset, England, UK
Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK
Isle of Dogs, London, England, UK
Parris Island, South Carolina, USA
Hmm...it's been a while since this trivia was last updated. Probably due to the fact that I hadn't watched the movie in so long. However, I just recently saw it again, and I've got another question.

This one's going to be worth 10 Milbucks.

Here's the scene: It's just after the Lusthawk Squad moves into town and there's a small firefight. Between the fight and when Crazy Earl (I think that's his name) shoots a couple of VC soldiers running across the road, there's something that's rather odd that happens. It's only odd when you notice that if this person had already done this, he wouldn't have needed to do it again.

The question is: What is it that's rather odd about this section?
Almost dead on, but I'll give it to you.

In the section in question, take a look at Crazy Earl's rifle just after the firefight. The magazine catch is empty, but when the angle changes and then comes back to him, the mag is back in place...when he the proceed to reload it.
hey.... I think we need some new questions...

I think i'll go rent the movie sometime, then i'll give you some. Haven't watched it since... last time you put me in charge. Hehehe :p oh well. long story short, put some more questions up...
Yeah, I know this topic died a while ago, but that was because I haven't watched FMJ in almost year now, and I forgot half of what happened.
nope..... it was filmed in the UK. Bassingbourne just outside Cambridge. It used to be Queens Division and is now a recruit training facility