French Rafael knocked off $ 10 billion race for IAF fighter

I have seen it flight tested twice in actual public airshows at Le Bourget and once in a closed to public/VIP-only show. Its no lemon. Its highly capable piece of military hardware.

The problem is that its a rather new and expensive aircraft and the French just cannot give the discounts that say the US or Russians can on inexpensive but capable aircraft like the F-16s and Migs despite its slight technological inferiority. That's exactly how the French lost the Rafale sale to Morocco.
I read where it score better in certain areas in the battle in South Korea but the Koreans would dish the Americans.

For the life of me I can't remember but there's something the Rafale can do that only the F-22 can do. Maybe something like sharing target data or fooling an enemy radar. I know it was something good and thought it was really cool that the Rafale could do it. I'm drawing a blank sorry.

I do like the payload and range the Rafale provides something I thinks gets overlooked.
The choice of the F-15K was probably political but the decision is still important.
Also the odds of America cutting off their supplies for AMRAAMs aren't as high as the French possibly discontinuing the sale of long/medium ranged air to air missiles because the Chinese asked them to.