French Army Motto

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French army Motto

"Were not retreating, were just advancing backwards."

:D :lol:
Don't you guys know? The French have no word for surrender at all in their language. They adopt a new one for each country they come into combat with. That's what their interpreter corps spends half their time on.
How about "We Surrender"? Or maybe "Sniveling in Defeat and Insufferable in Victory"? (OOOH what a giveaway!) :lol:
You all know how many gears a French tank has, right?

Sixgears: five in reverse, and one forward in case of attack from behind.
Also, you know the reason why all the roads in France have trees along the sides?

The German soldiers like to march in the shade.
I think it's enough anti-French posts here now!!

Admin or moderators will delete any more anti-French "jokes" from now on!
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