Fox News Logo Similar To Nazi Propaganda

I'm tellin' ya, Jon Stuart makes politics worth bearing sometimes. Between him and Stephen Colbert, I've learned that sometimes you just have to laugh it off.
This is pretty funny, but not his best stuff. I enjoyed his trip to Iraq and the haircut.:smile:

He is a very good satirest, no Will Rogers or Mark Twain but he is funny.
Colbert does a good job too.

As a comedian he does know how to entertain and use the news to amuse.:-D
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Warning (listen up, Chukpike, George, Hmmm). The following video is a satirical clip of Jon Stuart. It is not in any way intended to provoke the thought that Fox News is in any way related to the Nazi Party or the Kamikaze Japanese.

He does some funny stuff and I prefer The Daily Show to the Colbert report. He does seem to target Fox a lot but I guess that is to be expected given the amount of ammunition they give satirists.
Well I think the little spat with Stewart and Fox is funny as hell...

Jon Stewart's response
Even the right wingers I know don't take Fox news seriously. Of course, they're more of right-leaning centrists (I myself am a left-leaning centrist) than actual right wingers.