fighter plane (all militaries, america, britain, anybody)


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what is you fiaviorate fighter plane of all time? i mean all time, not just the new ones, oldies included.

as for me, the F-4U Corsair!!!!! :eek: also the f14 and the f18 but those come in thrid and second
man you people came up with some pretty standard answers. i chalange some one to find some more interesting planes, remember, all eras.
Mig-29 all the way. For its looks, speed and effectiveness in combat (In the right hands of course).
well charge this one is fighters only. and i picked the b52 as my fav overall because of its sheer power. its payload is enormous. i did state my fav fighters as well.
Desert_Eagle said:

That is a sexy beast.

I love it when they take off from Pope AFB and fly over Fort Bragg doing manuevers and having a good time.

Awesome thing to watch.