Females In Royal Navy


Ok i know we have had a kinda discussion like this already but this has a bit different init........................

I know alot of "old school" military guys don't like the change of females taking ore roles in the aremd forces but what about this...........

They say they look after etc and i noticed in army and RAF the women have more of option to where they go afetr child birth...........but royal navy is alot better.....it seems your not given long enough to recover or even spend time with your child these days. A few of my friends who are single mums have been told to put their child in a foster home til they get back from deployment. I'm sure some how this does not come under equal rights.

I know if your a couple (married) and both serving royal Navy that a parent is allowed to stay based on land for 3 months at a time so they rotate so why can't a woman stay on land? well until the baby is a few yrs old..........i don't see money being lost and i don't see it poses a big threat but the navy loses good people through this act. But it depends, if your a writer/stores asst/chef/steward..........you can automatically be land based but what about the warfare females, the females who only do their jobs on ship?

Is it like this with other countries military or navy?