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  • Leclerc

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  • Merkava

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  • M-60

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  • M-48A3 "Patton"

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  • M-41 "walker Bulldog"

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There has been a few Mock engagements between the US and Canadian Amour Units. The Leo seemed to work extremely well and had 8 out of 10 kills against the Abrams. The Canadian use the Abrams for one drill and they won again.

The Leo II is the world top Main Battle Tank.


I voted "other". I don't know the nomenclature of it but I always liked that crazy multi-turreted thing the Soviets had between WWI and WWII. They tried to create a "land battleship". Of course it failed but it sure _looked_ like it could kick butt. LOL! :p

Nice BIG target for us artillery types too he he. :wink:
My favourite tank is the Stridsvagan 103 or the S-Tank. it's technology is amazing! In essence it is the perfect! it's just a shame it can't fire while moving. I would love to own one!