Favorite unit from history.............

I was thinking in terms of combat and their fighting abilities their achievements on the field of battle, but I never have and never will speak favorably of any of the attrocities instituted by the Germans in World War II. Of course, that makes choosing any of Germany's units of WW2 a dicy proposal because all of them indirectly are involved in the crimes against humanity.

Its hard to be unimpressed by a unit's battlefield record when they consistently produce some of the most disproportionate outcomes in battlefield history. Win or lose, they always massively outscored their opponent in tank kills and in overall casualties. Now that's on the battlefield, where all is supposedly equal. Even when the enemy is better equipped, Barkman's division keeps pulling off miracles in battle.

Prolly set myself up for criticism though. No, there is no excuse for germany's war crimes, and never were their warcrimes more evident than with their treatment of the Russian people. 27 million Russians didn't all die on the battlefield, most of them died in various extermination programs. That total trumps even the Jewish Holocaust, though its not a fair comparison since there were a lot fewer Jews than Russians to begin with.
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My father said that their was a huge difference between being "German" and being a "Nazi"

Gor instance it is little known that the German Navy refused to do the Nazi salute and chose the standard German Navy traditional salute.

To me Rommel did signifactly more, with signafactly less, than the elite SS did. If you consider that they were issued the best of everything and he had almost nothing and lmaost conqured all of North Africa,

I have a PDF of the actions of my fathers 36th Divsion if you would like.
tunnel rats, part of 1 infantry(big red one) it was realy something what they did in tunnels of chu chi in vietnam. if u wanna even try to do something like that u must have nuts made of iron.
my second choice are spartans at thermopilae, but the problem is should we believe in everything we hear about them? only source of informations is from greek side, and most of it has been recorded 20 or 30 years after the battle.
The Crew of the Bismarck. As the Battleship was pounded by the big guns of the Royal Navy, a seaman was scrambling to get to the deck and abandon ship. His officer was sitting against a bulkhead and asked the passing seaman for a cigarette. The seaman looked in horror as the Kriegsmarine officer lit the cigarette and continued to bark orders. He had lost both legs from the thigh down. Now that is a brave crew.

The Paratroop regiment in the Falklands that stormed Goose Green. Lt Colonel H Jones won a posthumous V.C and he became a symbol of Britain's professional fighting men's traditions and bravery.

Any US unit who landed at Omaha beach. I have been to those beaches, British, Canadian and American, but for young men from all over America to lose their lives in those horrific first hours of D-Day, thousands of miles from home deserves the thanks and respect of all Englishmen and Europeans.

RAF Fighter Command. Slick, fearless in the face of the enemy and why we live in the free world that we enjoy in 2004
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to know more on the battle of Mnt Casino. They should've made a movie about it. I heard many good thing about both side of teh battle. Any good links about teh battle?

The Few, Battle of Britain
1st Airborne Division, Arnhem
82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions (Several battle honours)
The Glorious Glosters, Imjin Korea
Edwards army, Crecy, Poitiers
Henry V at Agincourt
24th Regt of Foot (Warwickshire Regt) Rorkes Drift
Me, Afghanistan