favorite part of your life


being young i wish i could stay young,i can do anything right now cause the older you get the less you can do
I don't have a favorite part yet. I know so far my best part is meeting and started dating my boyfriend. The best part of my life will be when we get married and have kids. Still a ways away though.
My favourite part of my life was being pregnant with my daughter and everything else after :) she's the light of my life.

Hmm, well i would say the best part of my life is what i'm looking forward to, but the greatest thing to happen to me so far would have to be, Spring break of 2004 at Universal Studios Orlando, i faced my fear of heights and went on the Hulk roller coaster 6 times.
April 20, 2004. The day my daughter was born!! After 10 years of marriage and trying to have kids this made me realize what life is really about and I plan on keeping this world safe for her to grow up in!!
Between the ages of 5 and 10...when my life revolved around playing, eating, playing some more and asking for new toys....having the innocence of how complicated life really is....sigh...
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dont have a favourite part. but i hope inthe future everything will work out like iw ant it, and then that will be my favourite part :p