Favorite Movie Soundtracks


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Since people usually have a hard time picking just one (and by people, I mean me :lol: ) Choose 2 or 3.

Reservoir Dogs
Kill Bill (volume 1)

The only soundtrack i own is form the Australian movie "Romper stomper" (starring Russell Crowe). The lyrics are pretty weird but the songs rock!

But there are several movie themes I like. I don't know if they have a special name so I'll give you the names of the movies or series:

The Godfather (the violin song)
Forrest Gump (the song played on the piano at the end of the film)
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Once Upon A Time In The West
A Fistful of Dollars
Platoon (Adagio for strings)
Full Metal Jacket (The song in the intro where everbody get their heads cropped)
Queen of the Damned because it plain rocks

LOTR trilogy for I find it just classy

M*A*S*H* for dunno what, maybe again rockin'
Tough one, so many choices, but here are my top 3 for today:

1. Blackhawk Down - Haunting
2. On Her Majesties Secret Service - fat brass and really good tempo
3. Where Eagles Dare - the most rousing and best theme tune EVER!!