Favorite Heros In American History

I have a few:

Gen. Eisenhower - for the brilliant Operation Overlord that helped the Allies free Europe.

Cpt. Dick Winters - 516th PIR, E. Company. From all the books and the surviving veterans, they all adored him and a true leader, who always kept his cool and kept those around him going.

COL. Henry Mucci - He led the men of 6th Ranger Battalion and liberated the 512 POWs at the Cabanatuan. I believe this is the most successful Ranger rescue mission. (Got that from War Stories with Col. North)

I found this quote:
"Are you guerrillas?"
"Who are you?"
"I'm not leaving till I know what's going on here!"
"Hell, No!"
"We are the 6th Army Rangers."
"Sir, we need to hurry. We need to get you out! GET GOING!"

Colonel Joshua Chamberlain is my favorite. Everyone should know him from the movie Gettysburg. Chamberlain had no military experience until the Civil War. He was a teacher and a Scholar before the war. Instead of continuing his teaching career, he enlisted in the Army.

Everyone knows of his feat at Little Round Top. It takes guts to order a bayonet charge against an enemy who outnumbers you almost 3 to 1 and you have no ammo. General Grant gave him a field promotion to Brigadier General at Petersburg after Chamberlain was thought have been mortal wounded. He also distinguished himself at the battle of 5 forks. As he rode rode up to the front line, an artillery round hit next to him and wounded his horse. General Chamberlain was covered with dust and the blood from his horses wound. When he came up to the front, he drew cheers from both sides. He said he must have looked like a "messenger from the other side [death]." During the battle, he captured a number of Confederates twice that of the troops he commanded. lincoln himself promoted him to Major General for his actions on that day. Lastly, he was chosen over other higher ranking officers the receive to formal surrender of the South.