Favorite flag

Well I really couldn't be a red-blooded American without saying the "Old Glory" is my fav. But the very next and only a little itty bitty bit behind is the St. Andrews Cross - Flag of Scotland.

Well my favorite flag would probably be the Irish Regiment for the Union in the Civil War. Cant remember the exact regiment but its really great looking.
Are you referring to the Irish Brigade? If so, it was comprised of the 63rd, 69th, and 88th New York Volunteer Regiments, the 28th Massachusetts, and the 116th Pennsylvania infantry Regiment.
They were one of the Elite units of the Civil War and were well known by their Emerald Green Battle Flag.

Just to deviate slightly from the debate, my worst flag would have to be the flag of the EU, it tries to copy the principle of the white stars on the American Flag, by placing stars in a circle on a blue background, this EU flag is bland, ugly and unrepresentative of the countries it apparently covers. When I see it, I have no patriotic feeling towards it, I would never fly it nor I would I like it be flown on British soil as it stands for everything Britain has fought against. We do not want a federal Europe, we want our own independant nations, whatever happened to self-determination?
To add to the debate, my favourite flags are the Union Flag (GB), American flag and Australien flag. I'm also quite partial to the cross of St George for England as shown by my avatar.
1. Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

2. Any of the northern european cruciform flags (Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, or England).

3. WWI Imperial German Flag.
Have to say that my favorite flag is the Swedish flag and second comes the regimental flag of my regiment...

The Swedish version of a classic picture... :D

The battles and years mentioned on the flag is:
Wittstock, 1636
Landskrona, 1677
Fraustadt, 1706
Helsingborg, 1710
Valkeala, 1790

According to Swedish tradition, the regiments are only allowed to have the victorious names of the battles in wich the regimental effort was due to the victory of the battle. (That was probably totally wrong grammar...) Otherwise there would have been more battles mentioned on the regimental flag.

American flag, Marine Corps flag and all other American military flags, POW flag, "Don't Tread On Me" flag if anyone remembers this one.
Service Branch: Would have to be the Navy's if not then the Army's
I always liked how the Union Jack went well the UK flag is nice.

I like ours.
I always thouht the Italian Fascist Eagle over the tri color flag looked very masculine and powerful.

These are my favorites:


I got this one on my harrington jacket 8)


This one's a bit wicked but it just looks so cool... :twisted: