favorite drill movement

Trevor said:
NCdt Steliga said:
The 'La croix' or as some people call it 'The Iron Cross'

If you don't know what it is, I'll explain. Just ask.

I would like to do that for my drill team's drill routine. COuld you explain how it's done and the timings please?

I thought I explained it earlier. All you have to do is about turns and left turns separated by ONE check pace between each turn. When you finish the movement, you should be facing the opposite direction that you were originally. Make sure to swing your arms for the check paces.
No prob. It's hard to do when you're just starting (I know I had a rough time), but once you get it down, you'll never forget it.
Lernt a new one last saturday, but it's not as good as my most favorite,
Open Order March, On the March
Yes, that one does look really good when done properly. We wanted to use it as a marchpast in my squadron, but we decided that it would take too long to train a bunch of new recruits (They still hadn't learned how to march yet, let alone open order on the march)
The one I always liked which looks simple enough but isn't is the oblique manouver. Looks real sharp but has a very important military meaning as well. The warriors of ancient Greece and Rome used it quite effectively in their phalanx moves. It could be devastating to the enemy. Over the centuries it was largely forgotten until Frederick the Great of Prussia re-invigorated it.
My fave has always been Rest on your Arms Reversed, with the C1.

On my Senior Leader's course, we did some rudimentary pace-stick drill. They showed us a way to "shoulder arms" with a pace stick, for when you were marching in close quarters, say in between ranks on inspection. It was actually a cheat -- there's no such movement in the Manual of Drill & Ceremonial -- but it looked pretty sharp, and no one ever questioned it (although you always caught Sergeants-Major smirking when you did it).

Sweetest drill movement?


Attention. Calling the command is so fun.

My "HUN" is said to sound like something out of a Three Tenors piece.
Others say it sounds like I've just been slugged on my gut.
I say it sounds like inflection!
Any armed exhibition drill movement, or trying to teach new cadets about face (typically because we have to catch them the first few times)
NCdt Steliga said:
The 'La croix' or as some people call it 'The Iron Cross'

If you don't know what it is, I'll explain. Just ask.

That would have to be my favourite also. Our drill team performed that movement at our ACR (Annual Cerimonial Review) this year. Its quite a simple movement but its fun. We wanted to pour baby powder or something as we were doing it so people could see the cross but the officers didnt want to make a mess on the parade square.