Favorite Battle?


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What is your favorite overall battle in History... it can be anything, not just U.S. based. It could be anything from the Trojan Horse battle or Gettysburg or Battle of the Bulge - Post yours!
You've never heard of the Battle For Milvian Brdge?!?

That or Chalons in 451...

Milvian Brdige was when Constantine the Great took his Army against 10:1 odds of the Army of Maxentius, another Roman Caesar in 312. It's the battle where Constantine saw the christian cross in the sky with the words In Hoc Singo Vincent. He won, attributing his vision to the Christian God, and later made the Edict of Milan which gave freedom to all faiths...
Oh yea... mine is Gettysburg also, forgot to say. It wsa the turning point of the Civil War. More specifically I like the Battle of Little Round top. July 2nd, - 1863 2nd day of Gettysburg where Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain defends the hill in a courageous charge which is considered to bet he turning point in the war.
Favorite battle: Midway - I have always loved the Navy and their stories of valor. And even though the planes of torpedo 8 never got close enough to kill the carriers...their sacrifice allowed the dive bombers to finish off the cream of Japaneese Naval Aviation.

If it was a land slugfest..id have to say Stalingrad.

If it was an American Battle, id have to say Gettysburg or Vicksburg.
I'd also have to say Battle of the Bulge... one of the toughest and most challenging American times... and the victory gave the Allied forces the final edge to win the last great war!
Stalingrad. The Russians pretty much dug in and stopped the German's momentum. Yeah, it was a "meat grinder". But you have to admire the reslove of the Russians.

Would also say the battle of Poitiers, where the moslem advance north finally where halted by Charles Martel and the Franks. Who knows what would have happened if they had lost. Europe might have been looking very different.
Valley of tears.

Valley of Tears, 1973. One IDF armored betallion stops the entire syrian northern effort.
Toss up between gettysburg and the Normandy landings.
Gettysburg is so great because of the piecemeal way it formed. You had a bunch of troops milling about, and heres this central junction, and it just... happened. A few shots here, a few there, and the armies just kind of formed up as they arrived. Which led directly to Chamberlains triumph, because if the union left had been properly secured, he never would have been in danger. His quick thinking and the discipline of his troops truly won that battle.
Sherman's march is also up there, just cause he was such a cold S.O.B.
I'd say General Hood's Atlanta and Tennessee Campaigns...very desperate struggles which displayed much bravery, especially on the Rebel side, from field commanders on down.
Well I'd have to say its Äyräpää and Vuosalmi 1944. Without the victory there I'd be a russian now. My intrest in medieval warfare makes me also nominate Bouvines (1214).