F-22 vs MiG-1.42

Who do You think is better?

  • MiG 1.42 "Raptorski"

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IRT 1217-

THe JSF will not be combo of those two planes, why well the F-16 is a single turbine engine and the F-15 is double turbine, well themain difference is there is one more afterburner on the F-15.

The F-15 cannot do vtol.
I don't think you read my post very well.
I said:
F-22 and JSF will be a combo like the F-15 and F-16. Both (the F-22 and the JSF) will have there own strengths and flaws, together they 'll be a very good team.
The number of engines has nothing to do with it.... but the F-15 and the F-22 both have 2, the F-16 and the JSF have one engine each.

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Ok the F-22 hasn't had much wide use because of all War planes are becoming quite expensive, The Air Force PIlots I know prefer the F-16 to the F-22.
:? :?: I think the reason that the F-22 hasn't had much use (yet), is because it isn't in production yet.... Which brings me to; why do the pilots you know prefer a 25 year old, single-engined fighter over the state of the art, not yet in use F-22, which they haven't flown?

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And I know for :cen: sure that US innovation will not stop by 2010, but I know this we need to allow our planes to have life instead of selling them to other countries.
Well even the USofA can't pay for all those fighters by itself... And they need know-how from other countries too. So I'm afraid it's either selling JSF's to other countries, or don't have it at all...
Hey everyone - new guy here.

Little late in the posting - but seems that everyone's gone off the topic. Anyway, I believe that the Mig 1.44/1.42 will probably win a confrontation because of its stealth features! What stealth features you might ask?

I got two words: "Plasma Shielding"

Google it >> Guaranteed to reduce RCS of the plane by a factor of 100.

What's funny is that this is coming from a former die-hard F-22 fan - till I realized that it was just a propaganda machine with a ridiculous price tag.