Experimenting with a new site.. :)


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Doing some SEO (Search engine optimization) experiments again now.. :D

So I have just launched www.military-ranks.com
All pages about US ranks has been moved to that new site, and they have been optimized a bit.

Trying to reach at least the top 5 positions in google for
Military Ranks
Air Force Ranks
Army Ranks etc.....

I have some of them already with the old pages, so I hope it will work with this new site.

Here's the different pages too:
US Army ranks
US Air Force ranks
US Marine Corps ranks
US Navy Ranks

Small site (yet), could be used for identification of military ranks all around the world, but I don't have time to do anything more with it yet.
May also add some pages about military medal identification later..

Please tell me if you find any errors on any of the pages.

Thanks, and Enjoy.. :D
Looks good. The links to the USAF and USMC rank pages that are actually on the site itself do not work, though.

edit: If you click on "US Air Force Rank Insignia" or "US Marines Rank Insignia" it takes you to a "page cannot be displayed," but clicking on the actual stripes does take you to the right place.