Euro 2004.

WHOA! That was one exiting evening... Sorry to all Germans, but ..... YEEHAA!!!!!
Next up, Sweden. That'll be a nice match to watch, I think.

I think these are the right matches, am I right?

24-jun: Portugal - England
25-jun: France - Greece
26-jun: Sweden - The Netherlands
27-jun: Tsjech Republic - Denmark

EDIT: The drawback of a win: Those :cen: :cen: who keep hitting their horns while I'm trying to get some work done... :sniper:
Like there's anyone here that doesn't know the score yet!!!
And if anyone doesn't know, they probably don't care! I should be catching :sleep: by now...
sherman105 said:
1217, I dont know why you are so pleased....With the way Portugal and Czech are playing, id be worried.
I'm pleased we're still in the game... Didn't really count on that after 2-3 against Czech Rep. So I'm happy with what we've got, It's more than I thought we'd have.
Its a world turned upside down,Czech beats Geramny, Portugal knocks England out, Greece kills off France...Hmmm....Any one for a final between Greece and Dennemark? :D
sherman105 said:
Its a world turned upside down,Czech beats Geramny, Portugal knocks England out, Greece kills off France...Hmmm....Any one for a final between Greece and Dennemark? :D
Sorry to disappoint you, but that's not gonna happen. If those two face each other, it'll be in the semi finales. I'm hoping for a Czech-Dutch final (and a second place for the Czech.. :D )
England vs Portugal: AHHHHHHHH!!!! What a nightmare!! I bet that ref won't hear the end of it. :roll: Although I don't think England played that great.....they lost because the ref was somewhere in la-la land, and the pk spot was a total mess. Now of course that isn't a great excuse, but if you saw Beckam's pk, you know it was because of the grass. Sven had even filed a complaint about it before! Well I guess it sorta just slipped through their minds. :roll: For the people that watched that game, you know what I mean. I can't be bothered to go into detail.
Well Matt, I would think that if the penalty spot were a problem, everyone had that same problem. I think David just missed 3 in a row. It happens.
Yeah, he is in poor shape this euro....Hmmm, Holland Vs. Czech.....Should be a good game...Czech are playing like mad this Euro.....
Well, yes. I know that's not an excuse for such a player like Beckham, but he was the first one to take it. He didn't know how bad the pk spot was. Then, after everyone else saw what happened they started jumping on it, digging at it a little, just to get the right spot. I mean, that spot was a mess!! :shock:

I think, at the level of play, it's pure luck if the goalie saves a pk. He decides which way he is going and if he's right, he just might save one, but I don't think James should be blamed for not saving any.
sherman105 said:
Yep, im for Holland 2.
Tnx for the support, but it didn't really help. That was the worst referee I've ever seen. And altough every Dutch player said that that's no excuse, I think he did influence the game greatly. That and the "drama queens" defending the Portugeese goal.

Johan Cruijf himself said afther the game: "That referee was a first class B*stard", and I think he was right.
Worse then England vs. Portugal? Seems to be a trend so far... :? I wonder if the refs are just more lenient towards Portuagl because they are the host nation? But I also did hear that Portugal should have won that game 3, 4-0 (this is after game commentary).
Yeah I saw after the game on the news, it showed Athens and the people were running through the streets burning stuff lol
Ahh, so Portugal and Greece meet again! I'm putting my money on Portugal, simply because they are going to want revenge and ultimitely want the title more.